Cambridge Lock Bumping Problem

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Cambridge Lock Bumping Problem

In the 1970’s, locksmiths in Denmark shared a technique for knocking or bumping on a lock cylinder while using little pressure to the back of the lock plug. When the pins would jump out inside the lock cylinder, the plug would be able to slide out freely and disassemble the lock quickly. The usage of a lock bumping key was not introduced until some time later and was first recognized as a potential lock security issue around 2002-2003 in Europe. Now lock bumping techniques and lock bumping keys are sweeping all over the internet.


The technique work on 90% of locks you may come across and it’s very easy one.

What you need, is to create a bump key, also know as a 999 key. It is made by cutting down a key (that fits the lock) to its deepest setting. Then a little bit of metal should be removed from the tip of the key and the shoulder. After insert the key into the lock, because of the removed metal, you can give the key a little whack and the key will go in slightly further into the key way driving the pins vertically.


Unfortunately, criminals never rest in coming up with new techniques to get around locks. If there are techniques that impose a great risk on society, or if a lock manufacturer fails to inform customers about a particular vulnerability in the products, then we blow the whistle. The question of whether you should publicize flaws or keep them secret is an easy one for us to Cambridge Lock Bumping Problemanswer. A weakness or flaw in a product can no longer be reversed, and once it is has already been publicized within a certain scene then it is much better if everyone knows about it.


This is the only way how people acting in good faith can protect themselves against people acting in bad faith. Even specialized installation companies and locksmith are sometimes unaware of techniques that are broadcasted on prime time TV just over the border of the neighboring country. For example, there is a bump-key method, which caused quite a stir in Germany, but which is practically unknown in other countries.

As the word spread as to the ease with which certain locks could be passed by, several sports lock picking clubs and notably the members of TOOOL began to examine the issue more closely. A number of tests were conducted by the research organization in the Netherlands in 2006.


After this some of the local locksmith associations referred to our club as a “danger to society” just because they are teaching people in their early twenties how to pick locks, but more, to understand how locks work and how security really works. Everyone mechanically jumps to the conclusion that knowledge equals to corruption. A fact that makes me wonder, if knowing how to pick locks at an early age makes you automatically a budding criminal, how did all the middle aged/older locksmiths of today get started in their careers?


But instead of thinking that locksmith is “danger to society” you should know that locksmith offered new method how to protect your home, family and business from the lock bypass method called “key bumping” also known as “lock bumping”. The easiest way to prevent lock bumping is to install a high security lock cylinder into both your doorknob lock and a deadbolt. Special lock system incorporates a special U-shaped key and a 13 pin locking system can be added to your existing hardware in your home or office.
So, even though the public and the locksmiths frowned on the bump key knowledge becoming public, it was only a matter of time before it surfaced. The interest declined once the spotlight was removed. Life continues. Locksmiths are still well respected in this specific field and will continue to be such.