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Waterdown Gate Locks – Types

A gate lock provides you with increased security. It also aids in keeping your animals and children confined to a safe area. There are many types of gate locks that you can install on your fence.


Types of Gate LocksWaterdown Gate Locks

Key lockable: This one provides you with maximum security. For you to open the gate from the exterior you need a key; however, you don’t need a key to open the gate from the interior. For security reasons, the locks usually lock automatically when you close the gate. The most common places you will find these locks is on metal gates.

Spring latch: It functions using a tightly coiled spring that latches two components together. The cool thing with the latch is that it allows your gate to easily open and close from either side. Some modern spring latches come with switches that protect the latch from opening more than allowed. These locks are often used on both wood and metal gates.

Sliding bolt: This is the most common. You need to manually slide a bolt into place in order to lock the gate. The bolt is usually positioned on the interior of the gate and you can’t access it from the exterior side. The most common place you will find this lock is on wooden gates.


How to Install A Gate Lock

We are going discuss how to install the most common gate lock-sliding bolt.

You should start by assembling all the tools that you need. This includes the hammer, drill, and the lock itself. Once you have all the tools with you, you should mark the areas that you need to place the screws. To do this you only need to place the latch in its desired location on the gate. One side of the lock should be on the gate door while the other should be on the post where the door latches.

You should use a pencil or pen to mark where the screws will go. Using a drill, you should drill holes into the areas that you have marked. Once you are through with drilling the holes, you should screw on your latch.

To ensure that you have installed the lock properly you should try it out. This calls for you to open and close the lock as many times as you can. If you notice any flaws, you should fix them until there are no flaws at all.


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