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Toronto Door Hinges – Replacements Are Very Easy

Door hinges are not something that many people put a lot of thought into. While they are an integral part of the door, the knob(s) and the facing are paid much more attention to. Though the hinges are not large to constantly visible, they do need to be sturdy enough to take casual wear as well as slam after slam. Getting high quality ones is important, and in some cases the color is important as well.


Keeping up with your house repairs and general hardware disarray can be a difficult task. Your kitchen cabinets may not be in the best condition, the bathroom sink might be leaky – it can all add up and small things like your door hinges may be completely forgotten. Replacing your hinges should be a priority every ten years or so, assuming you will live in your home for that period of time; and in some instances accidents just happen that damage them.


Taking off your door hinges is simple.

Unscrewing them from the door frame is the first step, after which you can set the door aside and unscrew them from there. This should not take more than a few minutes, though it can be more difficult if you are working on the front door, which is likely heavier than the other ones inside of your home. Toronto Door Hinges


How many “knuckles” there are on a hinge will affect the cost. Most of the standard residential ones will have five knuckles, while those for commercial purpose may have a few more. Most of those that are meant for residential use are best used in low-traffic areas, meaning if somehow you have people constantly coming and going from your home it may be a better idea to look for a slightly more heavy duty set of hinges – this is also true if you have an unruly teenager who likes to slam the door. It is better safe than sorry in this instance.


Any hardware store has them for a few dollars per hinge, as do some large department stores. It also may be possible to find whole sets of them, which is a much cheaper alternative if you are looking to replace the hinges on all of the doors in your home. The standard colors that can be found are black, steel gray, and bronze. There are not a lot of options when it comes to color because they are not large or even very often seen components of your door – if you are looking for custom colors it may be best to purchase black ones and paint them the color of your choice.


While they are a very small detail of your home, the door hinges in each of your doorway need to be paid attention to and replaced every once in a while. One too many slamming incidents with an old set of hinges can cause the door to fall down.