Locksmith Toronto 24 Hours Safes Service

Locksmith Toronto 24 Hours Safes Service is the best place in the city when it comes to servicing safes. Locksmith Toronto 24 Hours Safes Service is on call 24/7 including weekends and all holidays. Please call Locksmith Toronto 24 Hours Safes Service today to schedule an appointment to speak with one of our safe specialists.

Locksmith Toronto 24 Hours Safes Service

Locksmith Toronto 24 Hours Safes Service


Many customers ask us which safes they should buy, the answer is, it depends on many factors. First, how do you plan on using the safe? Storing cash, storing firearms, storing jewelry, storing sensitive documents, storing a memento, the possibilities are endless and private to each individual. Second, where will you be using the safe? Home, apartment, condominium, town house, dorm room, business, retail location, office, warehouse, there are many places where you can use your safe. Third, determine how much room you have. Safes come in every possible size, it is recommended that you have specific measurements of where you plan on installing your safe. Fourth, your budget. As you can imagine, the price range is vast.

Safes – Mobile Service

Our team is proud to offer safe mobile service 24/7 for safes in the area. We can help drill your safe. We can help you reprogram your safe combination. We can install an electronic keypad on your safe. We can help you open your safe. We can also help you install a safe. We can even help you bolt down your safe. Our safe mobile service is available for your convenience.

Gun Safes

Our team can help you select the right gun safe for your home or business. Gun safes are important to the security and safety for you and others around you.

Safes Brands & Other Services

We service a wide range of safe brands. Other safes and safe services we provide include: safe lockout, fire safes, floor safes, depository safes, ATM service, wall safe, and more.

Safes – Types serviced

Safes. Gun safes, floor safes, residential safes, luxury and fire safes, cash management safes, deposit safes, smart safes, High Security safes, pharmacy safes, and commercial safes.

Safes – Options & Accessories

If you own a safe there are many options and accessories we can help with: Spy proof dial, Key lock dial, coin racks, managers lockers, interior lockers, interior drawers, adjustable shelves, Group 1 and 1R locks, electronic locks, access control systems, key-op locks, dual combination locks (some models), 144 hour time lock, 15 minute time delay lock, external day lock, anchor bolt assembly, left swing door, internal rotary hopper, internal deposit slot, internal deposit chutes, hidden compartments, modular alarm, hold up duress alarm, special sizes, custom colors, safe bolt down to floor, and custom designs.

Call our Locksmith Toronto specialists today for help with any kind of safe – we are here 24/7!