Locksmith Waterloo Home Door Locks

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Locksmith Waterloo Home Door Locks

Locksmith Waterloo Home Door Locks


When purchasing door locks for your home, the available options can be overwhelming. There are many types of home door locks and several factors that you should consider before purchasing one. There are countless types of door locks:


Padlocks are the only types of door locks that are not attached to anything else, they come in a wide range of sizes, they are easily portable and they are the most recognized types of door locks. They are two main types of padlocks; keyed and combination.


Deadbolts can be installed on exterior doors and there are several options to consider. Deadbolts are available in three varieties; lockable, double and single thumb turn. Single cylinder thumb turn is found in most homes, they use only one key cylinders on the outside and a rosary in the inside to close or open the door. The double cylinder deadbolt uses two key cylinder both on the inside and the outside to solve the weakness of the single cylinder deadbolt. The lockable thumb turn solves the problem of both single and double cylinder deadbolt. It has a thumb turn on the inside which works like the single cylinder but the thumb turn can be locked using a key on the outside, therefore one cannot open the door from the inside.


This type of door lock is mostly used on inner doors but can also be used on the exterior doors. They can be opened easily as they have a larger push down handle than knob locks that can be grasped and turned.

There are many more types and kinds of locks on today’s market. Our locksmiths are proficient in handling any and every one of them. Call our team at Locksmith Waterloo to receive a  fast, reliable and affordable service – we are here 24/7 for you.