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Locksmith Guelph Emergency Lockouts

Locksmith Guelph Emergency Lockouts

Locksmith Guelph Emergency Lockouts

Emergency?  We’ll get you in quickly!

Keeping your home or business safe and secure is always of the utmost importance, which is why deciding between locksmith companies can be a daunting task. Well, Locksmith Guelph is here to make that decision easier for you! As an all-inclusive security provider, we provide the community with the most advanced residential and commercial locksmith services available. Nobody should have to wait when it comes to his or her safety, which is why we pride ourselves on our incredibly fast service time.

At Locksmith Guelph, safety and security of our customers always comes first. If you’ve been locked out of your car, home, or business, our company offers 24/7 emergency services to our customers in need.

High Security Keys & Locks Increase Your Security

A high security key and lock provides two very important benefits over regular locks. The first is the added physical security that they provide. We utilize a product made by Schlage called “Primus”, which is a patented key type that has additional side “cuts” that make the locks incredibly difficult to manipulate and open. These side cuts work with something called a “side-bar” inside the lock. The bar is an added security feature to the cylinder that prohibits the wrong key from turning the lock. It’s basically like needing two separate keys for one lock! If an intruder attempts to open a Primus lock without a key, they will find it almost impossible.

The second important function is key control. The Primus keys we carry are restricted to The Locksmith Guelph. This means your key cannot be duplicated at a hardware store or even another locksmith. It’s not just a warning stamped on a key. These high security keys are exclusive to Locksmith Guelph, so any attempt to re-create them is impossible. If you do need extra copies, only an authorized user with a specific authorization card is allowed to make copies. If the card isn’t present, we simply will not cut the high security keys. This isn’t to make it inconvenient or more difficult to obtain copy; it’s just an added measure to make sure the right person is getting duplicates. We will also keep key counts and give you detailed reports on which keys were made on what dates (if needed). It’s a terrific system for tracking keys for your business and ensures that you know exactly how many keys are out at any given time!

Call us today for all your Locksmith Guelph Emergency Lockouts 1-866-820-1331

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Guelph

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Guelph


24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Guelph
Are you looking for emergency locksmith services in Guelph? Looking for a professional locksmith who can get the job done quickly? Our locksmiths service cars, homes, and commercial sites at all hours of the night. If you have a mishap at late hours and you’re in need of a professional locksmith who can handle the situation, our experienced team of technicians are on the job. Each one of our techs has at least fifteen years or more of experience under their belt, with some who possess forty plus years of experience from being in the field. If you are on your way to a party or another similar social gathering, few things are more annoying than being locked out of your car or house while you are trying your best to get ready in time. Whether you’ve lost your key or left it on the inside of your house or car, we have various solutions suited to a variety of situations that we can use to help you. The best way to get help fast is to call our main telephone number and ask for dispatch. One of our technicians on the phone will send someone out to your location as soon as possible.

Guelph Locksmith emergency services for all situations

If you have a stubborn lock that just won’t budge, and it is preventing you from getting back inside your home, quickly give a ring to our main phone line to get a technician out as soon as possible! Most of our techs can rush out to your place in 15- 30 minutes or less, so time is of the essence. The dispatcher will ask you some basic information, such as what your home or business address is, or in the case of a car, a description of the vehicle and the current position of the vehicle in town.

Once we have this basic info, we’ll deploy a specialist to come and deal with your situation. They are trained to handle all varieties of lock and key-related problems. As master locksmiths, they have disassembled and reassembled most locks piece-by-piece, which teaches them the principles behind why locks do and don’t work, and what situations cause them to malfunction. It could be as simple as the lock needing to be lubricated with graphite or an oil-based solution, or it could require the entire lock to be replaced in order to salvage the situation.

Locked out of your home or business? Our lockout technicians specialize in getting you back inside the building ASAP. We can send out a technician within twenty to thirty minutes, generally. The technician will arrive, use a variety of tools to pick the lock, and voila! The door should be open sooner than you can blink. Our professional locksmiths are trained in the art of quick-picking using bump keys, tension wrenches, and a variety of other different tools. Also, the speed at which they pick the lock will give you a revealing audit of how effective your locks are at stopping determined burglars! Our technicians can also install high-quality new doorknobs and other security fixtures in your home if needed. We only use the highest-quality brands, direct from supplier! We keep plenty of extra fixtures in our mobile locksmith unit just in case the customer needs to have their doorknobs, deadlocks, or fence locks replaced, etc. You could not be in better hands when it comes to reliable locksmithing technicians. With years of training under their belts, few can match them in skill or speed, and no one in the area can match our price.
Locked out in the dark? Get our out of hours locksmith!

Our out of hours service allows our locksmith technicians to respond at any time, even on holidays like Christmas! We could come at three in the morning, if you so desired or required. This is a service for people who are out late, and are having trouble finding their keys, or realize their keys are locked in their car! Don’t get stuck in a strange parking lot. Call our dispatcher immediately to get a locksmith on the scene to open the locks without delay. This service is also good for business owners who accidentally locked themselves out of their building while closing up, leaving several valuables exposed inside with the alarm armed, as well! Without the key in the morning, the business owner will be forced to either close his business down, disarm the alarm with a phone call and call for a spare set of keys from another employee, or call a professional locksmith to handle all of it! We can do it all! If it involves a key or a lock, our trained technicians can quickly take control of the situation and turn it around.


24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Guelph

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Guelph, Xpress Locksmith Guelph Ontario, Call Us 24 Hour At: (519) 489-2331, 24 Hour Guelph Commercial / Residential Locksmith.

Car key replacement Guelph

Car key replacement Guelph

Car key replacement Guelph

Car key replacement Guelph is a company that is always prepared for anything that may arise.
There’s a good chance that you’ve been locked out of your car or home at least once in your life.
Don’t feel embarrassed because it’s more common than you think. It’s happening everywhere.
Yes, even right here in Guelph, ON. We’ve answered car lock out calls to different locations including homes, supermarkets, malls, bars, and more. Call us anytime; 519-489-0497

Before you smash your car’s window with a brick, pick up your phone and give us a call

Here at Car key replacement Guelph we’re offering emergency automotive locksmiths so go ahead and contact us if ever you’re in this situation.
We’ll answer your call and we’ll be there in no time.
Call us at; 519-489-0497

As an important note, whatever you do, don’t try to pick your car’s lock yourself.  It requires a special set of skills and tools and without them, you’ll just end up messing up the lock’s mechanism. You wouldn’t want to be in a worse situation than you’re already in, right?

Whenever you need help, Car key replacement Guelph will be there! 519-489-0497

Do you need a Car key replacement locksmith? Contrary to popular belief, this industry is not just about helping automobile owners open their locked cars. While it’s true that it’s a very popular service that we’re offering right here in Guelph and the surrounding areas, we decided as a company to offer more services because we recognize that car owners have a lot of other needs that we can satisfy.

All car owners can benefit from the services of a skilled Car key replacement Guelph locksmith

We’re telling you right now that it’s a good idea to place our number, 519-489-0497, on speed dial because sooner or later, you’ll require our services. We’ll be waiting for your call.

Locksmith Guelph

Locksmith Guelph

Locksmith Guelph

Locksmith Guelph is a local locksmith company that you can trust for all of your locksmith needs!
We have made a huge investment in specialty lock equipment, as well as continual training and inventory, to ensure the best results for each and every one of our customers. We stride to provide the best work possible, with fair and competitive pricing, and knowledgeable, helpful, respectful service.

Call us today at; 519-489-0497

Offering sales, installation, service and, of course, emergency services, Locksmith Guelph is here to be your first and foremost choice for a locksmith in Guelph, ON.

Locksmith Guelph is there to service all residents and businesses local to the Guelph area

For many years we’ve tended to the needs of customers who find themselves on the wrong side of a locked door, and in that time, we’ve evolved to meet the demands of residential, commercial and even automotive customers. Today, when you call us for a lock and key job, you’re going to get more than just a guy with a toolbox—you’re going to get a professional who can ensure your needs are met to the highest degrees of quality, for a price you’ll be happy to pay. 519-489-0497

While there is nothing general about the services we provide, we offer the usual range of residential, commercial, and automotive lock services, including lock-outs, installation, repairs, and key replacement/duplicates.

Book an appointment today!

Call us at; 519-489-0497
Proudly serving our neighbors for many years to come.
We can be reached whenever you need us most.
For both everyday and emergency locksmith needs.

We can repair, replace or rekey any automotive lock, including cutting and programming transponder keys. We tackle even the toughest of jobs, including those on newer model vehicles. Locksmith Guelph handles motorcycle keys as well
But we do a lot more than your average locksmith!

Reach us 24/7 at: 519-489-0497


Lock Installation Guelph

Lock Installation Guelph

Lock Installation Guelph has provided locksmith services and security solutions to the Guelph, Ontario, area for many years. As a family owned and operated company, we are committed to providing the best customer service and highest quality products to protect and assist you and your family.

Are you locked out of your house?
We are available 24/7 for all of your emergency lock picking and lock installation needs! Call For Fast 24 Hour Locksmith – 519-489-0497

Call lock installation Guelph, the skilled professionals on the move, for fast, friendly 24/7 service!
locksmith Guelph is a mobile locksmith company, offering services to residential, commercial and industrial clients. Serving lock installation Guelph and surrounding communities, we specialize in deadbolts, door closures, key cutting, lock installations, lockout services and, most importantly, mobile locksmith services.
We will come to you! We can service all of your locksmith and security needs:

• Residential – lock out service, lock repair, re-keying, Dead bolt installation, Decorative hardware, Gun Safes, Safe sales, Installation and more! We now sell Medeco Locks and security systems! Contact Us today! 519-489-0497lock installation guelph

  • Commercial– master keying, rekeying, high security locks, hardware, access control, panic hardware, camera systems, and keyless access. We now sell Medeco Locks and security systems! Contact Us for more information!
  • Safes and Vaults– Liberty Safes, Heritage Safes, American Security Products, Eclipse Safes , Protex, & Winchester. We sell, open, repair, service, change combinations, move and install all brands of safes.

We are the security professionals trusted by local businesses, retail stores, homeowner associations, and residential homes throughout Guelph , ON and it’s surrounding areas.
Contact our knowledgeable lock installation Guelph staff for more information: 519-489-0497

Our dedicated and experienced lock installation Guelph technicians come to you, equipped with up-to-date tools and a wide range of locks and accessories to give you immediate and affordable solutions to your security problems.
Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family and property are safe with the help of Guelph most trusted locksmiths! Call us today at: 519-489-0497

Lock Rekey Guelph

Lock Rekey Guelph

Here at Lock rekey Guelph we provide a wide variety of services to suit your every locksmith need!
Do you need a set of spare keys for your properties? Do you wish to enjoy the convenience of opening all the doors of your property with a single key? We at Guelph Lock rekey have got you covered. We can alter an existing lock and change the keys necessary to open the lock- you no longer need to change the whole lock.  Call us, lock rekey Guelph can help! 519-489-0497

As the internal lock will change, the original key will no longer work, as the internal pins will be manipulated. This is a good option if you are planning to move into a new property and and looking to change the locks at a smaller fee. We offer highly qualified services for re-keying, contact Lock rekey Guelph today to learn more about our services. 519-489-0497

Why Re-Key?Lock rekey Guelph
– You lose your keys
– Your keys are stolen.
– You move to a new home. You want only 1 key that works and not a bunch of strangers with the keys to your house.
-The list goes on…

No matter what the reason….
This is not a do it yourself endeavor: you will require the services of a professional locksmith.
So call the experts at Lock rekey Guelph:519-489-0497

Rekeying locks is changing the lock combination that allows for a different key to open your house. This kind of service is perfect for people that have recently moved into their houses and cannot afford a whole new set of locks. That’s why we provide you a variety of options to choose form here at lock rekey Guelph! Call today to find out more: 519-489-0497

Are you not sure if anyone else has a spare set of keys to your property? Do you want the convenience of having a single key to open multiple doors? Master keys can make your life easier!
Rekeying is a method of altering a lock so that it can be opened with an alternative key, without the need of replacing the lock itself.

Whatever it is, lock rekey Guelph can help!  519-489-0497