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Lock Change Toronto Ontario

Lock Change Toronto Ontario

Lock Change Toronto OntarioLock Change Toronto Ontario

Lock Change Toronto Ontario is a professional locksmith in Toronto that provides residents with improved security measures for their homes.

As a residential and commercial locksmith company, we have spent many years developing our craft by working with a variety of different locks and we provide state of the art service of lock change in Toronto.

With our lock change experts in Toronto, you can be sure that you lock will be changed very promptly and at the highest industry standards.
Whether you need a home door lock change or car door lock change; Just call 437 887-3474

Lock Change Toronto Ontario will do your lock change in Toronto in the most professional way.
We understand that changing a lock is a delicate procedure that takes expertise to accomplish.

Since we have worked with many different lock types and brands over time, you can be rest assured that we have the experience and expertise required for your lock change job.

Call us today at 437 887-3474 to book your appointment

We Provide Services 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week & 365 Days  A Year

Some of them include:

  • Home lock change
  • Office lock change
  • Panic Door lock change
  • Glass Door lock change
  • Revolving Door lock change
  • Car lock change

In addition to these great services we also proudly provide other locksmith services including: emergency, commercial, 24 hour, automotive and a full mobile service

When It Comes To Lock Change Trust Lock Change Toronto Ontario

Homes and businesses alike suffer from faulty locks, which is why we also offer our services to commercial businesses.
Besides completing Toronto lock changes, we also provide re-keying services to change your keys for your existing locks.

We work with a variety of different types of locks so you have a variety of locks to choose from when exploring lock change options.
Call us today for a free estimate at 437 887-3474

Toronto Ontario Lock Change

Toronto Ontario Lock Change

Toronto Ontario Lock Change

Toronto Ontario Lock Change

We at Toronto Ontario Lock Change provide our customers with door unlocking services, which normally time consuming.
We have a professional and efficient core team who will help you out of any such situations.

Our Staff & Technicians Are Trained To Take Up Any Such Difficult Tasks At Ease

Being locked out of your house is one situation; imagine your house being broken into by burglars.
We at Toronto Ontario Lock Change provide you with a range of innovative inventive and original security systems to help protect your residences from such situations.
Our professionals are always ahead of the game and are always updated with the latest in technology that could help protect your homes from mishaps.
Our technicians go through a series of tough training under numerous situations so they can skillfully handle any of your needs.
Our services although are the best in the industry, will not put a dent in your pockets.
We never compromise with respect to our services or our quality, all you receive is the most dependable, and recognized products.
The kind of services provided by the company requires its technicians at your doorsteps with in a shortest time span on receiving your call.
We provide customer-friendly staff 24 x 7, 365 days of the year with a cheerful disposition; Call today 437 887-3474
All our services are licensed, insured and trustworthy.
We have time-tested methods and products for unwanted entry into the houses.
Some of them are gate security bars, child security bars and quick-release security bars.
Whenever you face an emergency at any time during the day or late night or at weekends please give us a call at 437 887-3474

You Can Call Us Round The Clock & We Will Be There To Provide Solutions For Any Kind Of Emergencies

We are a highly professional team of people who provide best in class locksmith solutions at very reasonable and affordable costs.
This puts us as a first choice service provider for all our clients.
Toronto Ontario Lock Change Services Include:
⦁ Lock Changes
⦁ Repair and replacement of locks
⦁ Lock Reconditioning
⦁ Car Lock Out Services
⦁ Custom Keys
⦁ Immediate Keys Cut
⦁ Door Lock Replacement
⦁ Extracting Broken Keys
⦁ Lock replacement
In addition, to all of these great services we provide many different locksmith services including commercial, emergency, 24 hour, automotive and mobile
Our services are most dependable may it be middle of the night, midway of your travel or in emergencies.
You will vouch our services are world class, customer-friendly, need based and dependable.
What are you waiting for, just dial, 437 887-3474
We are at your doorsteps with unmatched services that we are proud of.

Toronto Locksmith

Toronto Locksmith

Toronto Locksmith

Toronto Locksmith

Toronto Locksmith offers automotive, residential and commercial services
We are here for you around the clock, day & night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; Just call 437 887-3474
Providing you with the most efficient and professional lock key & safe service at the most competitive prices.
Your satisfaction is our mission!

Our Number One Priority Is Our Customers Safety And Security!

At Toronto Locksmith  we can help you fast, no matter what time.
Our technicians will come to your place and solve the problem on site.
Call today for a free quote 437 887-3474
Partial List of Services Toronto Locksmith Offers:
Automotive Locksmith Services
Car lockout – Fast 24 Hr emergency service.
Lost car keys replacement for most makes and models made in minutes.
Transponder and VATS keys programmed made on site.
Car locks and ignition cylinder repair, replace or install
Much More…
Residential Locksmith Services
Lock Change – Fast response
Residential locks – Re key, repair, change and install most brands. Door knobs locks, deadbolt locks and more
High security locks – For add security
Safes – Fireproof safes, gun safes
Much More…
Commercial Locksmith Services
Business lockout – Fast response for all emergencies.
Commercial locks – All type of locks, intercom systems, CCTV ,cylinders, door closers, panic bars and more.
Master key system – 100 levels of master re key systems for employees access control.
High security locks – key control systems, non duplicate keys, bump, pick and drill proof.
Safes – commercial safes repair and install, including fire proof safe.
Much More…
Whenever you need an expert locksmith, give us a call, we will come out to provide you the services you require.

We Provide 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week, 365 Days A Year Services

Give us a call today at 437 887-3474 for your free estimate

Lock Change Toronto

Lock Change Toronto

Lock Change Toronto

Lock Change Toronto

Lock Change Toronto, is here to help when your looking to change any locks on your, home or office.
Call today for more questions 437-887-3474
Locks quit working and it’s usually at the most inconvenient time.
 It can be frustrating and inconvenient.

We Provide 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week &  365 Days A Year Services

Sometimes it can even cause a security issue.
If you find yourself in need of a lock change call Lock Change Toronto
Affordable Lock Changes
There are all kinds of reasons why you need to have a lock changed, but it can be frustrating when suddenly you are faced with a huge bill you didn’t expect.
Our qualified locksmiths can give you a quote and this is the amount you’ll pay.
We know how much you hate uncertainty and so we will make sure this is not one of the things you face.
Our focus is on building customer relationships, which go on for years.
Anytime you have a lock problem you won’t have to stress.
You can just pick up the phone and call us at 437-887-3474

We’ll Set Up An Appointment Convenient For You

Emergency Lock Services
No matter how much we hope it doesn’t happen, inevitably at some time you are going to find yourself in need of emergency locksmith services.
 Whether your key breaks in the lock, you lose your keys, you lock them in your house or any number of other reasons, you can end up with a lock emergency.
If you are in need of a locksmith, why not give Lock Change Toronto a call today at 437-887-3474
Whenever you need an expert locksmith, give us a call, we will come out to provide you the services you require.
So give us a call today for any lock change you may need!

Interior Wood Doors Toronto -What to Consider Regarding Exterior and Interior Door Installation

Easy and Quick Installation of Interior Wood Doors in Toronto

Homeowners’ front doors help visitors know what to expect for the rest of the home. They set the tone, and can either welcome or deter people from entering.

Homeowners should not take the task of replacing their front doors lightly. It is important that whichever door they decide on is able to withstand harsh weather conditions, in addition to fitting their home’s style, budget and tastes. Homeowners need to also consider security, materials, energy efficiency, design and whether interior door installation services will be required when choosing a new front door for their homes. Get a fast response and cost effective repair and installation service from Interior Wood Doors Toronto.


Features such as bronze or brass heavy-duty solid handle sets and locks can help increase security as well as complement a door’s style. Homeowners can also use peepholes and security chains, as well as set up an appointment with camera installers, to maximize home security.


Exterior doors are typically made using one of three materials: wood, fiberglass and metal (usually steel). Homeowners should invest in a front door that will not only complement the style of their home, but also prove to be durable.

Two types of wood doors are offered. The first type is made from laminate or plywood, backed with hard board. This door, made from energy-efficient polyurethane, is designed to insulate.

the second type of wood door is made strictly of solid wood. Solid wood doors are the heaviest and most secure doors homeowners can purchase.

If homeowners are concerned with durability and security, steel doors are the best option for them. Steel doors do not warp or crack because they are made with some of the strongest materials accessible to door manufacturers. They are the most cost efficient option and will help homeowners save money in the long run because they are filled with energy-efficient, high-density foam insulation. Homeowners can choose from a range of finishes, from an embossed wood-grain pattern to smooth painted steel.

Homes in areas with humid or harsh climates should invest in fiberglass doors. They are a maintenance-free option that provides homeowners more protection than wood doors do. Fiberglass doors may also eliminate the homeowners’ need to repair their insulation because they keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the spring and summer months. If homeowners like the appearance of wood doors, but want the security benefits of fiberglass doors, they can choose a finish that looks like wood grain.


The array of doors currently available is sure to suit any home’s style and homeowners’ design preferences. From frosted and patterned glass inserts to side and transom lights, homeowners can purchase a new front door without sacrificing the beauty of their homes.

DIY or Contractor

Installing a new front door can be tricky, so homeowners should weigh the costs of hiring door installation specialists compared to the costs of repairing doors that are damaged during the DIY process.

If homeowners want to ensure that their new doors are fitted correctly and maximize energy-efficiency as well as security benefits, their best option is to hire a contractor.