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Locksmith Guelph Keying Alike

Locksmith Guelph Keying Alike

Locksmith Guelph Keying Alike service means that locks in a set or a ‘suite’ have the same key code, so any key fits any lock. Locksmith Guelph Keying Alike service will serve you when you have too many keys to carry and want to downsize their number. Call Locksmith Guelph Keying Alike service for more information.

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Locksmith Guelph Keying Alike

Locksmith Guelph Keying Alike

If you want your locks to work with only one key, we can key all of your locks alike, meaning you will have one key for an infinite number of locks. Your locks must be the same make and key style for this option to work. If you require additional information on our specialist keying alike services, you can get in touch with our team today, or read on to find out more.

What Is Keying Alike?

This is very convenient when a large number of locks are to be used by the same group of people, but can be a real problem if individual security is important to the users. For example, keying alike can be used on locks for filing cabinets, or front and back doors. Keying alike is the complete opposite of ‘keyed to differ’ locks, which all open with separate keys.

Why Is Keying Alike Useful?

Keying alike is useful for a number of reasons, which is why we’ve decided to outline them below. Keying alike is useful because you can have multiple locks in the same door and not have to worry about finding the right key for the right lock.

You can also have one key to open every single lock that you have. It will save you a lot of money on spare keys! If your locks were not keyed alike and you needed spare keys for five or six different locks, it could cost you a lot of money. With all of your locks keyed alike, you need just one key and you’ll also have a spare for every single lock!

Are There Any Downsides?

Not really. Something to remember is that when a group of locks are keyed alike, only two keys will be supplied for the entire group. This is because the original keys that come with locks from the factory will no longer work, as the levers inside have been rearranged so all of the locks within the group operate the same key. So, it’s important to remember to order extra keys if you require any more than two for the group of locks you’re ordering.

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Locksmith Guelph Cost Effective Service

Locksmith Guelph Cost Effective Service

Locksmith Guelph Cost Effective Service is offered by our competent locksmith to repair, maintain, advice, and upgrade your locks & keys. Locksmith Guelph Cost Effective Service will never compromise on your security and never compromise on the services provided. Call our Locksmith Guelph Cost Effective Service 24/7 in any kind of lock problems you have.

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Locksmith Guelph Cost Effective Service

Locksmith Guelph Cost Effective Service


Locks and keys have become an inseparable and vital part of life. Being the first line of defence against modern security threats, it’s important to keep them in top condition and update them from time to time. What was relevant and sufficient a few years ago, might not stand against security threats today. That’s where you need us. Being a locksmith has never been an easy job, and with the rising complexity involved, the demand for skilled and trained professionals has been on an all-time high. If you’re on the lookout for a competent technician, who knows his trade, has relevant experience, vast knowledge, and can add the professional touch to the job, look no further! We have a team of experts that can serve automotive, residential and commercial clients. In addition, we also operate a 24/7 unit in the area to deal with emergency requests promptly.

The comprehensive locksmith solution provider:

Automotive locksmith services:

  • Key cutting for cars
  • Car unlocking
  • Ignition-related problem resolution
  • Trunk opening
  • Lock repairs
  • And more

Residential locksmith services:

  • Lock repairs/installation/re-keying
  • Eviction locksmith service
  • All types of keys made
  • Door installation/repairs
  • Home security consultation
  • And more

Commercial locksmith services:

  • Customized business security solutions
  • High security locks installation
  • Master key system setup
  • Door/safe/file cabinet opening
  • Emergency exit lock installation
  • And more

Emergency locksmith services:

  • Lockout assistance
  • Emergency unlock service
  • Damage repairs/replacements after burglary
  • Quick lost key replacements
  • Re-keying locks
  • And more

To learn more about our extensive range of service offerings, you can reach out to our friendly, qualified and skilled experts.

To ensure every customer gains the best level of service, we have handpicked our teams of locksmith specialists, invested in cutting-edge equipment, machinery and tools and have expanded our fleet of mobile vans. With such excellent human resources and infrastructure backing us up and the ever-imminent focus on continual improvement, the success that followed was inevitable.

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Guelph Locksmith Commercial locksmith

Guelph Locksmith Commercial locksmith

Guelph Locksmith Commercial locksmith is available to help you at any time with any kind of locksmith problems you have on your property. Guelph Locksmith Commercial locksmith will help you in a lockout, or if your door, garage door, safe door is not working, if a key is broken or you need a key copy, or a master key, or anything locksmith related issue.

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Guelph Locksmith Commercial locksmith

Guelph Locksmith Commercial locksmith

Guelph Locksmith Commercial locksmith has come up in the recent times, with high security lock installation, in addition to the basic lock and key problems solving. These are among the latest breakthroughs in the locksmith industry. With such services, you can be sure of having a good time when it comes to your security concerns.

We are the best for every aspect of your security. We have mobile units spread in the city, so wherever you are, you can count on our technicians to reach you and solve your security problems. When ever there is a crisis related to your lock systems, just call us. We are available 24 hours a day.

Services we offer for your convenience:

  • Lock change
  • Lock repair
  • Installation of padlocks
  • High security locks installation
  • Master key system maintenance
  • Chart creation
  • Making of duplicate keys
  • Re-keying existing locks
  • Re-programming existing digital locks
  • And more

We are always more than happy to help!

We are capable of providing qualitative and excellent durable services concerning all major and minor lock issues and problems. Our company provides customers with installation service, and removal on many different types of locks and doors hardware. We are locally based, mobile service and have been serving the people for many years. We are proud to offer a wide variety of locksmith and security services to our clients, regardless of the day or time.


Keep your valuable possessions secure and protected from anyone else getting trying to get their hands on them. If you already have a safe, and it just needs fixing, or maybe you have locked your safe closed and having a hard time opening it, we are here to save the day and can get the job done in no time.

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Locksmith Guelph Master Locksmith

Locksmith Guelph Master Locksmith

Locksmith Guelph Master Locksmith services are offered in any residential, commercial and car locksmith problems. Locksmith Guelph Master Locksmith services are committed to meeting your security needs and to provide you with the highest quality of service. Call our Locksmith Guelph Master Locksmith services 24/7 – we are always here for you!

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Locksmith Guelph Master Locksmith

Locksmith Guelph Master Locksmith

Whatever your security needs are – keys, locks, safes, alarms, CCTV – we are here to help. For any advice on security for your home, vehicle or business call us and we will come to discuss your needs with a member of our qualified and friendly team.

We offer the following services:

  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Lock outs
  • Break-in repairs
  • Lost keys to premises and vehicles
  • All emergency locksmith 24 hours, 7 days, any day

We have been in business for years and supply all locksmith and security products and services. We are always happy to fit and repair and offer advice on your security needs, whether they are large or small.

We offer a full range of service and expert advice covering all aspects of security. These include:

  • Residential
  • Supply and installation of hardware, locks and security systems including alarms, electronic locks, window locks, deadlocks, safes and CCTV
  • Lock servicing and re-keying
  • Residential Security Key Systems
  • Servicing safes, supplying and changing combinations
  • Commercial
  • Supply and installation of new door hardware
  • Local repair and servicing
  • Master key systems
  • Restricted key systems
  • Safe sales and service
  • Data and record cabinets
  • Vault door service and installation
  • Master Key
  • Change Key (usually opens only one lock)
  • Automobile lockout
  • Supply and installation of new locks
  • Repair and replacement of damaged locks
  • Opening of vehicles
  • Coded key cutting
  • Transponders
  • Replacement of lost or stolen keys
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Lock outs
  • Break-in repairs
  • Lost keys to premises and vehicles


Our work can be tailored to suit security needs and allow and restrict access in any situation. They are commonly used amongst corporate offices and any situation that has a large number of personnel with different access requirements. To discuss your Master Key System questions or to find out what security system would best fit your situation, call us any time for advice.

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