Waterloo Locksmith Home Lockout Help

Waterloo locksmith Home Lockout Help service is available 24/7 on any weather conditions, whenever you find yourself locked out of your home. Call our Waterloo locksmith Home Lockout Help and one of our mobile units of expert locksmith technicians will arrive at your door in 20 minutes to help.

Waterloo Locksmith Home Lockout Help

Waterloo Locksmith Home Lockout Help

Our locksmiths are fast and offer affordable price for any kind of lockout. 

You can call us at any time, as we are standing by and have mobile units all around the city.

We want to let you know that you can prevent being locked out, by taking few steps.

Find a good hiding spot for an extra key.

– A false brick

This may require some bricklaying work. Identify a lose brick in the wall and stash your spare key inside. Make sure it is not easily discernible by an onlooker.

– A lamp-holder

Nobody would think to look inside an overhead lamp-holder. If there’s one in the hallway or near the porch, climb and hide your key in it. Just make sure it is not an incandescent bulb. The heat could affect the key threading over time. It works best with LED bulbs.

– Inside a non-functioning pipe

Some apartments have a dummy external pipe. You could fit a key inside if yours is big enough.

– Electric panels

A central electrical panel is often located outside the apartment, so it would be a good idea to stash away your extra key in it. Just make sure people don’t open it regularly. But if you live in an apartment with constant power cuts, this is out of the question.

 Bad places to hide a key include:

The mailbox

Under the porch mat (obviously)

In your car

A window ledge

Your dog’s collar

Tip: Be careful when taking out your extra key, because you never know who is watching.

Give a trusted friend

Some may say a “key buddy”, but nobody wants to be just somebody’s key buddy. So, perhaps a close neighbour is your best option. Make sure they are someone you trust, and do not live too far from. This friend/relative is your insurance policy in the event you lose your key or lock yourself out.

Discuss the possibility of a master key with your neighbour

If you live in an apartment building with other neighbours, there might be someone you are very close to. Discuss with this person about the possibility of a master key. This way, both your apartments have the same key so you can use theirs if you get locked out. Once again, they must be someone you trust unquestionably.

Learn to include key checks in your exit routine

Include a key double-check to your routine when you leave your house or apartment.

Remember that we are here to serve you in case you are still in a lockout situation.

Call us at Locksmith Waterloo Ontario any time to help.