Sliding Gates North York

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Sliding Gates North York
The sliding gates are slowly replacing the swing gates in most industrial and business enterprises due to its distinct advantage of space. Where there are space restrictions, it fits the bill, whether it is your driveway or any other place. The sliding gates may be tracked or cantilevered.

The sliding gates are made of a welded steel structure as per requirement and may be operated by an electro-mechanical or hydraulic motor, with facility of manual override. Access control is by the usual means – card readers, keypads or push buttons etc.

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Pressure-mounted sliding gates are those that are held in the doorways, or say similar openings, by pressure applied against frame or walls. These gates are made of 2 sliding panes; but that can adjust to accommodate the openings. These are made of several materials including wood, steel, plastic, aluminum. The pressure-mounted safety gates are portable and so don’t interfere with the aesthetics of the walls when mounted.

Most times, the sliding gates are installed to protect babies or small infants from perilous situations, including chairs, kitchens and/or fireplaces. They are even used to prevent the infants from going into rooms or to set the baby off a family pet, etc.

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However, there are major advantages in installing sliding gates, more so with the security environment existing today:-Sliding Gates North York

  • Ramming – It is difficult to ram into a sliding gate to open it than a swing gate
  • Security – Due to the interlock system, it is difficult to force open a sliding door manually when activated, than a swing gate
  • Coverage – Sliding Gates can be used to cover larger gaps/openings with no additional space requirement since they slide along the wall. Width may be 3-10m and height up to 3m
  • Installation – The whole system is compact when installed and easy to operate
  • Manpower Saving – When all access points are incorporated into the security system, only one operator can control all entry/exit points with the help of surveillance devices
  • Rising Surface towards Road – Where the road surface is inclined upwards towards the inner or outer side, a sliding gate is the best solution since a swing gate will open only outwards
  • Cantilever – Sliding Gates are also cantilevered. This reduces the requirement of rails and helps cover uneven surfaces thus making operation simpler


Sliding gates are definitely more secure looking and act as a deterrent. There are minimum vulnerable points and if properly installed and operated, they are user friendly and easy to maintain.

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