Locksmith Waterloo Master Key Solution

Locksmith Waterloo Master Key Solution is a great solution for all the locks and keys on your property, residential or commercial ones. Locksmith Waterloo Master Key Solution will give you the best solution, the fastest and safest for all your doors and locks. Call our Locksmith Waterloo Master Key Solution services today for a free quote and a great service!

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Locksmith Waterloo Master Key Solution

Locksmith Waterloo Master Key Solution

Have you had keys lost or stolen? Are you moving into a new building or house and not sure who has keys to the premises? Do you have problems with too many people accessing certain areas?

The answer – install a new master key system.

Master key systems are:

  • Highly secure & reliable – Guaranteed against key breakage
  • Cost effective – Fixed price rekeying for the life of the system
  • Flexible – Changes can be made to system in less than one minute

We have been installing master key systems for commercial and residential buildings, for years. With lots of systems installed, our locksmiths are some of the best when it comes to system design, installation and system management. When you call, we will consider your security needs and will manage the key issuance process for you. We will make sure that the key system is designed correctly and works for your organization.

Master key systems, when used in conjunction with electronic access control, often provide the most cost-effective solution for businesses. We have the experience and knowledge to provide advice on the best system for your enterprise.

Master key systems are hierarchical key systems that restrict access to those users that have access rights areas of a building or other facility. For example, while the principal of a school may hold a master key and be able to open most or all doors at a school, the English teacher may only have access to the English room, the staff lounge and the front door of the building.

Master key systems may seem old fashioned compared to electronic access control, but these systems, when key issuance records are maintained, are some of the most cost-effective means of access control for enterprises. This is particularly in areas where horizontal distances are great and the cost of running cables for access control systems can be high.

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