Locksmith Vaughan Lock Works

Locksmith Vaughan Lock Works is a service offered to anyone in need of changing, repairing or installing new locks. Locksmith Vaughan Lock Works service is available 24/7 and we come to you always. Locksmith Vaughan Lock Works service is affordable and fast.

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Locksmith Vaughan Lock Works

Locksmith Vaughan Lock Works

Our team of reliable locksmith technicians are available to help you, in any kind of lock and key problem you have, 24/7. Here are some of the services we can help you with:

Changing Locks

There a number of reasons that would make home or business owners to want to change their locks. It could be because they have started to take notice of some of the warning signs that it is time for them to change their locks or it could be because they have decided that it is time to upgrade the security of their home and offices. Whatever the case may be, home and business owners should contact our professional locksmith who will walk them through the process of changing their locks and will help them do it in a way that continues to keep their homes and businesses as secure as possible.

Some warning signs are more apparent than others. As a building owner, you should make it your top priority to contact our trusted locksmith in the event that you have been a recent victim of a burglary or a break-in.

Lock Installation

In some cases, locks do fail or break, and it is important to replace them quickly and correctly in order to protect your property. The starting process is similar to removing the knob or handle in lock re-keying, except that in this process the rose and spindle (the rod connecting the lock on one side of the door to the other lock on the opposite side) will be removed from the door. The bolt will also be replaced by unscrewing the bolt guard (also known as housing) and removing the bolt. Once this is done, the holes may need to be adjusted depending on the difference of the new or desired lock. The reassembly is a cautious reversal of the disassembly process, with special attention kept to the fitting of the internal mechanisms. With the new lock installed, the owner can rest easy knowing that their locks will open and close as desired, and keep the building and its residents safe.

Whatever the issue is with the locks, inside and outside your property, call Locksmith Vaughan to help. Our team will arrive at your place fast!