Locksmith St.Catharines Auto Locksmiths

Locksmith St.Catharines Auto Locksmiths are highly competent individuals with extensive knowledge about automotive locks and keys and can fix any lock/ make a replacement key in the shortest time. Our Locksmith St.Catharines Auto Locksmiths mobile vans are stocked with blank and remote keys, transponder chips, diagnostic tools and every other necessary equipment required to solve any lock & key issue in the shortest time.

Call Locksmith St.Catharines Auto Locksmiths at any time you need car lock and key help.

Locksmith St.Catharines Auto Locksmiths

Locksmith St.Catharines Auto Locksmiths


Our expert automotive locksmiths offer the following services:

  • Affordable Costs

Our service costs are reasonable and much less than what you would pay your car dealer.

  • Emergency car locksmith

We work 24/7, so no matter when and where in the area you experience a lock problem, all you have to do is call us. We will be there in 15-20 minutes of time and fix your lock issues.

If you are stranded with a vehicle lock and key issue, just call us for immediate help.

  • Auto Locksmith 24 Hour

Having trouble with a lock on your car door? Or, perhaps, do you need new car keys made quickly?  We have helped countless car owners in our years of long service with their locksmith problems. Our locksmiths are experienced professionals and we equip them with state-of-the-art tools which let us handle most requests quickly and effectively. Our service is known locally for being affordable, reliable, and quick.

  • Automobile Keys Programming 

Keys, being mechanical components, can break or bend out of shape over time. If your car key is damaged in some way, you need our auto locksmiths to make you a new one. We also provide an automobile keys programming service, if the chip in the transponder or smart key needs to be reprogrammed. We have made new keys for countless vehicle owners in the area for years. You can rely on our locksmiths to make you new ones or reprogram your old ones affordably and quickly

  • Automotive Locksmiths 

When your ignition switch stops working or your car key breaks, it’s important not to get frustrated. If you’re anywhere in the region, our automotive locksmiths can always give you a hand.  We provide a 24-hr emergency locksmith service for car owners in the region. Our locksmiths are experienced professionals that have handled countless emergency and regular requests over the years. We can sort out your locksmith problem, whatever it may be, in a short span of time. Our service is known for being fast, affordable, and trustworthy. 

Call Locksmith St.Catharines at any time with any lock issues you might have with your car. We come to you in 20 minutes to help!