Locks Repair Service Cambridge

Cambridge Emergency Locksmiths

Cambridge Emergency Locksmiths


Emergencies don’t keep office hours and neither do we.
If you find yourself in a spot of difficulty you can rely on us for all types of lock emergencies, no matter what time of day or night.

We understand it is essential to feel safe at home or at work, and will put you and your business first.
That’s why we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Lockouts:  Rentals, when tenants leave by court order. We re-key the existing locks or replace with new locks if damaged.

Repairing locks: If you have nice or custom door handles and for what ever reason they do not work, we can in many cases repair the lock saving you the cost of replacing them.

Re-keying:  We will re-key your locks keyed to a different key including some padlocks.



Our 24/7 mobile emergency service can reach you anywhere across the KW area.

Call us anytime day or night! 226-314-1781

Why choose us? Simply put, we care about providing quality and reliability at a reasonable cost.
Cambridge Emergency Locksmiths is a company you can count on, no matter what you and your locks face!

Do you need an Emergency Locksmith in Cambridge? Give us a call!


Here at Cambridge Emergency Locksmiths, our technicians are proud to serve our community and hope that you choose our services to help with your lock requirements.

If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t get into your property or business premises, we offer a 24 hour rapid response service to gain entry with minimal fuss.
We are always striving to use non-destructive entry methods. Some of our emergency services cover: House lockout, Office lockout & Lost key lockout and much more!

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Emergency Locksmiths Cambridge

Emergency Locksmiths Cambridge

Emergency Locksmiths CambridgeEmergency Locksmiths Cambridge


Emergency Locksmiths Cambridge is open 24 Hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year
If you are locked out, our technicians will come to you quickly at anytime of the day.
Our Emergency Locksmiths Cambridge  experts have a local reputation for the best locksmith services in town!
Emergency Locksmiths Cambridge  is a local, family owned & operated business for many years
All of our Emergency Locksmiths Cambridge experts are certified lock and key masters.
Our lock and key specialists are the best in automotive, residential and commercial locks.

24 / 7 Emergency Locksmith Services 

Call Us Now at 226-314-1781
Our Emergency Locksmiths Cambridge  technicians offer competitive prices on all types of services and top of the line security products.
Our company has a 90 day personal insurance on all top of the line security products and services.
If anything ever goes bad within the warranty coverage, a technician will return to your business or house and fix all of the problems you have discovered right away
Our Featured Services Are:
⦁ 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services
⦁ 24/7 Residential Locksmith Services
⦁ 24/7 Commercial Locksmith Services
⦁ 24/7 Automotive Locksmith Service
⦁ Re key Locks / Lock Repair / Lock Install
Lock Picking
⦁ Home Security Safes / Safe Repair and Installation
⦁ High Security Lock Repair
⦁ Master Key Systems
⦁ And Much More, Just Call Us Now at 226-314-1781

If You Are Locked Out We Will Come 24 Hours A Day To Your Location & Get You Back In

We can make keys, repair locks, re-key locks and provide many other security services you may need
Call Us Now at 226-314-1781 and we will dispatch a technician out to you right away, He will arrive in 15-20 minutes

Locksmith Re Key Cambridge

Locksmith Re Key Cambridge

Locksmith Re Key Cambridge

Locksmith Re Key Cambridge is here to help! Changing your locks is no longer something people have to dread.
Whether it may be your home, business or car, it’s unfortunate enough for to be caught in a bind where you’re forced to swap the locks, so why make it harder than it needs to be?

While the situation alone may be a hassle, Locksmith Re Key Cambridge has a simple solution to help ease your worry.
Rather than wasting your time and money trying to figure out how to change every lock you own, give us a call 519-489-2586  and let one of our friendly professional lock re key experts help save your day.

You can count on Locksmith Re Key Cambridge lock change service  to get the job done both fast and efficiently

Changing the locks (or re keying)  is a procedure in which the locksmith reset’s the inner encryption in the tumbler of the lock, altering it so that the old keys will no longer work on the door, seeing as it is customized to only grant access to the new keys.

With the right skill, tools and technique re-keying locks can be completed in a matter of minutes without struggle

Trusting someone to secure the safety of your home, business and car is something that should not be taken lightly.
It’s putting the well being of your family, earnings and valuables into the hands of a stranger and just hoping for the best.

Our trust means everything to us, so when you choose us to call for help we’ll do everything we can to establish foolproof protection of the things that mean most to you; Call today 519-489-2586


It will be much easier to fall asleep at night knowing you’re the only one with access to your home, business and car. With reasonable prices, quick arrival, and wonderful service, when you call us at 519-489-2586 rest assured that you’re in good hands.

We consider ourselves to be the best re key service around and know that once you hire us, you will agree. Call 519-489-2586 to schedule an appointment to have your locks changed today.

24 hour locksmith Cambridge

24 hour locksmith Cambridge

24 hour locksmith Cambridge

24 hour locksmith Cambridge provides the best quality of locksmith services at prices you can afford! Finally a company with a vision. Give us a call 24/7 at; 519-489-2586

We are the leading locksmith company in ************, ON. For the well being of your home, business and your own particular true serenity, you realize that you have to run with the best. You should carfeully screen and picked the security suppliers that are equipped for surveying your needs and prescribing choices for your business’ entrance and control frameworks. You require dependability and tact. You require locksmiths who are on time and work persistently to finish the job in the base of time, with no over interruption from your daily life.

We’ll be there to help get your schedule back on track!

Whenever you need us, 24 hour locksmith Cambridge will be there!

Give us a call anytime; 519-489-2586

We are top notch experts, and we offer the best equipment and items. We bargain in just top-rate items from quality producers, including all the brand names you hope to see. We can talk about with you the different benefits of diverse sorts of locks or frameworks and help you pick the proper one. Call a 24 hour locksmith Cambridge rep to book your appointment : 519-489-2586

We highly esteem having great client benefit, the sort you enlighten your companions and partners regarding later. Our company mission is based on both quality work and consumer loyalty, and you can rely on upon that being the situation, inevitably. Call us now! 519-489-2586

We can be reached any hour, day or night! Our staff will be available when the unexpected happens

24 hour locksmith Cambridge is made out of appropriately licensed locksmiths and security specialists who utilize the most exceptional and superb locksmith items to furnish organizations and enterprises with first class security and peace of mind. Each technician is gifted as well as focused on the client’s well being, security, and fulfillment.


Locks Repair Cambridge – Locks, Keys and Locksmiths

Local 24/7 Locks Repair Cambridge

Imagine that you need to get to work and are on your way out when you realize you can’t find your keys. You look everywhere and still can’t find them. You think about where you kept them last and try to figure out where you might have left them. You may never find out where you keys went no matter how much you look. Eventually you have to admit that you have lost your keys. Without your keys you will not be able to open the lock and get into your car. To open your car lock without your car keys you will need to call a locksmith. You may find yourself in a situation where you are out and about and somehow you end up locking your car keys inside the car. This is a very awkward situation as you are locked out of your car and both you and your car are not at home. The worst situation to find yourself in would be if you managed to snap your key in the ignition or the door lock. This may sound odd but it does happen sometimes. Professional Locks Repair Cambridge experts have proper and ample training to carefully execute the task of replacing locks.

To deal with this situation you will need to call a specialist locksmith. It is always a good idea to have the number of a good locksmith on hand. You may think that locksmiths have become obsolete since nowadays keys are no longer the same as are traditional concept of them. A lot of cars come with modern security that does not require the use of a key. In such situation a locksmith needs to know how to get around the modern lock and to open the car for you. A lot of us still use traditional keys and locksmiths have perfected their trade over the years. There are no locks that a professional locksmith could not open given time and the right tools.

If you have lost your car keys make sure you call a reliable locksmith to help you deal with the situation. Most locksmiths can be at your side ready to help within an hour. They can deal with all types of locks and will able to make replacement car keys. You should take care when you decide which locksmith you call as the locksmith will be finding a way around your cars security. You do not want information like that to be handled lightly. You should make sure that the person you have called is trustworthy and will not take advantage of your situation.

If you ever find that you cannot find your car keys, have lost them, broken them or simply misplaced them you should call a trustworthy and reliable locksmith and get their help to deal with the situation. Go online and keep the numbers of a locksmith you trust on hand so that when the time comes you know who to call and you can have the problem dealt with quickly and efficiently.