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Kitchener Lock Language – What It Means?

As in many industries the lock business has certain terms that are used every day. The average person should know some of these terms when they purchase a lock because they define the function and how the lock will operate.

I am just going to touch on a few of the terms that you may need to make a smart and informed purchase:


  • Keyed Alike-This is when all the locks will operate with the same key
  • Keyed Different-This is when all the locks operate with different keys
  • Master Keyed-A master keyed system can be very large and complicated, so I will define a simple master keyed system. This is where all the locks will require a separate key; however there will be one key, the master key, that will open everything.


The information above is very important to know before you make a purchase, it will define how the locks operate and help you create a system if you have a commercial building.


High SecuritySome locks carry this label and most are justified. These locks are built to the highest standards and are usually rated by the ANSI rating from grade 1 the highest to grade 3. High Kitchener Lock Languagesecurity products can be purchased through Authorized Service Centers.


Key ControlThis is, in my opinion, the most important term to understand before making a purchase. At its simplest it means if you can’t control your keys you can’t control you security. To have true key control the keyway of the lock must be patented and the keys only available through authorized service centers under contract with the manufacturer. The cut keys should be tracked and controlled, this means that you should always know how many keys you have, where they are and who has them.


Double Ball LockingThis term pertains to a padlock. There are two hardened steel balls on either side of the shackle that produces a positive locking action and makes it very difficult to pry or attack the shackle.


Deadbolt ThrowThis term pertain to a deadbolt lock. The locking bolt should be constructed of steel and have a “throw” of 1 inch. This is the length that the bolt will go into the door jam. This is also the most attacked part.


Finish-Most locks are plated in a certain color or finish. For residential door applications make sure that the finish is of high quality and comes with a fading, discoloring and pitting warranty.


These terms should help you make an informed decision when purchasing locks.