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Locksmith Kitchener Services

 Locksmith Kitchener Services

Locksmith Kitchener Services

Residential Locksmith Services

The residential locksmith service at Locksmith Kitchener offers modern advances in home security applications. Our licensed, bonded and insured technicians are able to efficiently provide security solutions that range from fixing a broken lock or duplicating keys to installing a high-security system. The full spectrum of services we perform can help you ensure that your home is secure and protected. All of the residential locksmith services we offer are made even more convenient with our mobile locksmith service.

You can call us at any time if you need the following:

  • Safe services
    • Lock replacement or repair
    • Emergency unlock
    • Extraction of broken keys
  • Rekeying of lock cylinders
    • Wireless or keyless deadbolts
    • Security camera system installation
    • Key control or a master key system


Commercial & Industrial Locksmith Services

The commercial locksmith and industrial locksmith services offered at Locksmith Kitchener allow you to operate your business with the knowledge that your security needs are being handled by an experienced and capable company. The objective of our business security solutions is to provide you with continuous high security. We accomplish this by ensuring that each service we provide is performed correctly regardless of how simple or complicated the process. If you have misplaced keys or broken locks or you are trying to prevent theft with a new high-security system, we have the knowledge and hardware to meet your needs.

Our locksmith technicians are able to install high-security hardware and perform a number of services that can keep your property secure. We work with:

• Surveillance cameras
• Reinforced door hardware
• Commercial Door Hardware
• Computerized master keying
• Electronic money dispensers
• Access control systems
• Keyless entry Locks
• Safes and vaults

If your business requires an updated locksmith or security solution, feel free to contact us to see how we can help.

Accidentally locking yourself out of your vehicle or realizing that your key fob no longer works can be extremely frustrating and inconvenient. Avoid adding to your unfortunate experience by calling Locksmith Kitchener first for a reliable locksmith. One of the key features of our automotive service is that keys can be duplicated and programmed for any make and model of domestic or foreign vehicles. With our mobile locksmith service, our automotive locksmith technicians are also able to provide faster and more convenient results than other companies.

Automotive Services

In order to provide you with outstanding services and products, we ensure that our locksmith technicians are frequently trained so that they have current knowledge and tools for automotive lock and key services. Our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured, and they will strive to provide you with quality service.

Some of our automotive keys and locks services include:

  • Emergency automotive lockout service
  • Vehicle trunk opening
  • Broken key extraction
  • Repairing or replacing a broken or worn vehicle lock
  • Reprogramming or replacing key fobs or car remotes


Call us today 1-866-282-5510

Kitchener Locksmith service

Kitchener Locksmith service

Locksmith Service and Its Benefits
Kitchener Locksmith service

The lock feature of almost any item is highly important to keep its content secure. Be it for your house, your car, or even just your briefcase, locks are indispensable tools for security and protection. However, there are many instances when this protection can be compromised. Your lock can get broken, your keys may get lost, or you may forget a lock’s number combination. While these are problems that you can try to fix yourself, there is no true need to do so, as there are many companies offering locksmith services that will do it for you. These are expert services that will provide surefire solutions to any of your lock problems.

Far-Reaching Services

Kitchener Locksmith service can be rather diverse, as they offer different kinds of services depending on a customer’s needs. Practically every sort of lock problem can be solved through calling a locksmith service provider. If you lose or break all your keys, a provider can pick your lock. They can also open your car trunk, start your car, or unlock your briefcase in the event of a lost key. Another service offered is the replacement of lost keys, which you can avail if you choose not to change your locks. Most providers can replace any type of key, so that is a bonus.

Kitchener Locksmith service Anytime, Anywhere
Unfortunate events can happen to you anytime and anywhere. You can lose your car keys in the middle of nowhere or forget your briefcase key during an important out-of-town meeting. In both circumstances and other similar cases, a locksmith service provider can help you get out of the bind. Most providers are available for service regardless of your location, and all you need to do is call and wait for a locksmith to come to your place. Locksmiths can also be summoned anytime. Even during holidays or in the middle of the night, you can expect a locksmith service provider to attend to your immediate lock or key needs.


Many refuse to call a Kitchener locksmith service provider as they attempt to solve their own lock problems by themselves. While this may sometimes work, untrained individuals simply cannot compete with the services offered by professional locksmiths. As a matter of fact, handling a lock crisis on your own can have tragic consequences. Destroyed doors, ruined furnishings, and even physical injury may also result from not using a locksmith service provider. On the other hand, professional locksmith service allows the quick solution to any lock problem. With the help of an expert, unlocking your doors, changing your locks, or duplicating your keys will be a breeze. It is guaranteed that there will be no time wasted and definitely no doors broken.

Guaranteed Solution

A promise that only a Kitchener locksmith service can give is the guaranteed solution to whatever lock problem you may have. As mentioned, the job is carried out by trained professionals who are all well-prepared to pick a lock or duplicate a key. Because of their extensive experience and intensive training, locksmiths from recognized service providers can bring you absolute solutions to all your lock problems.

Come and Check out our website, We Guarantee you wont regret giving us a call for the services you need. Kitchener Locksmith are here to help!


Locksmith Kitchener Ontario

Locksmith Waterloo Ontario

Don’t Get Locked Out of Your Car!

   Don’t Get Locked Out of Your Car!



car key with remote controlIf you’ve ever gotten locked out of your car before, then you know how inconvenient and frustrating it can be. It’s particularly problematic when it occurs at night or in an unfamiliar place, or when you have an important appointment to get to. Here are some tips to help you prevent getting locked out of your car.

    Lock the Doors with the Key Fob

Does your car key have a fob? If so, get in the habit of only using the buttons on the fob to lock and unlock your doors. That way, you’ll need to have your keys on you in order to lock the door.

    Replace Dead Batteries

After some time, your fob’s batteries might need replacing. If your key fob is not working, then the battery is probably dead. If the battery’s dead, head to your local auto parts store for a replacement.

    Have a Spare Set of Keys

Cars usually come with two sets of keys. Typically vehicle owners will leave the extra set at home. But what if you get locked out when you’re out in the city? What if there’s no one available to drive you home to pick up the spare, and then back to your car? In this case, it’s beneficial to have a third key. Your car locksmith in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, can make you an extra key that you can leave in your handbag or in an inconspicuous spot in your car.

With these tips, you can minimize the risk of getting locked out of your car. In the event that you do get locked out, call on our reliable car locksmith in Kitchener. We provide around-the-clock car locksmith services, 365 days a year.


Locksmith Kitchener Ontario

Lock Replacement Kitchener Waterloo

Emergency Locksmith in Kitchener

Emergency Locksmith in Kitchener



Emergency Locksmith in Kitchener



Emergency Locksmith in Kitchener, your security and safety  is our #1  priority.
When it comes to professional emergency locksmith services in Kitchener, Ontario and other areas, Emergency Locksmith in Kitchener is the name to trust.
Call today (519) 800-3235
Enjoy safer days and nights at home with our Residential Security Services:
⦁ Lock change and repair
⦁ ​New high-security locks installation
⦁ ​Lock re-key / Master re-key
⦁ ​Intercom systems installation and repair

⦁ ​Iron gates works and installation

You can trust that the array of services we offer can totally guarantee greater safety whether in your home, office, or even your auto. 

​A secure work environment is essential in any business. Following are our Commercial Locksmith Services:
⦁ Lock change and repair
⦁ New high-security locks installation
⦁ Lock re-key / Master re-key
⦁ Intercom systems installation and repair
⦁ Access control systems
⦁ File cabinet locks

Response time is within 15-20 minutes



Got locked out of the house? Check out our Emergency Locksmith Services available 24 hours a day:
Emergency lockout
⦁ Change, install, or repair any type of lock
⦁ Change, install, or repair all door accessories or hardware
⦁ Emergency replacement key

⦁ Unlock door

Got locked out of the car? Our Auto Locksmith Services are for you:
⦁ Emergency vehicle opening
⦁ Car lockout
⦁ Make a new key
⦁ New ignition key
⦁ Auto lock picking

⦁ Car re-key

​All these services are excellently delivered by our team of experienced professional technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


When you need us, the number to call is (519) 800-3235
Keep these digits with you and call us when you need our service.
Our guarantee at Emergency Locksmith in Kitchener: We always get the job done at the agreed price, and we won’t leave the site unless you are 100% satisfied with our service.

Emergency Locksmith Kitchener

Emergency Locksmith Kitchener

Emergency Locksmith Kitchener

Emergency Locksmith Kitchener offer fast, reliable mobile and emergency service for both residential and commercial applications throughout all of Kitchener Ontario.
We will install new locks, make extra keys, or install a new security system with attention to detail.
We’re experts when it comes to Locks! Our large selection of lock and security systems mean you will be sure to find the right solution for your needs and budget.

Emergency Locksmith Kitchener also installs high quality CCTV & video surveillance cameras from quality brands.

If you need any emergency locksmith services then contact us any time

We also provide highly secured electronic access control system from leading locksmith brands.
We offer locksmith security systems that utilize the latest technology and highest-quality materials, our options are guaranteed to impress you and exceed your expectations.
Emergency Locksmith Kitchener has got very positive reviews from satisfied clients on one of the trusted platform site Google.

Call today for a free quote 226-894-0770



We provide 24 hours emergency locksmith services in Kitchener Ontario and nearby areas

Emergency Locksmith Kitchener provides various quality locksmith & CCTV camera services for home, office and other commercial places.
 Check Out Our Top Quality Services
⦁ Electronic Access Control System
⦁ Residential Locksmith Services
⦁ Commercial Locksmith Services
⦁ CCTV & Video Surveillance Camera
⦁ Safes Security Services
⦁ Emergency Lockout 24/7
Lock Change
⦁ Key Cutting & Key Duplication
⦁ Broken Keys Extracted
⦁ High Security Ignition Keys Replaced
⦁ Master Lock Installation
⦁ Security Camera Lock Picking
⦁ Unlock Safes & Repair

Contact  us today 226-894-0770

We offer 24/7 locksmith services.
Call 226-894-0770

Door repair Kitchener

Door repair Kitchener

Door repair Kitchener

Door repair Kitchener has a variety of services that can help you at any time you need since we are a 24 hour locksmith service provider. Our technicians trained to assist you with many services such as: Home lock change, lock re key, master keys, lock smith iron gates, intercom systems plus many other services to help you with all your commercial locksmith needs.

Call Door repair Kitchener today; 519-489-2586

• Locks – Deadbolts Rekeying, Installs, Key Control…

  • Electronic Locks – Access Control Systems, Stand-alone Keypads…
  • Security Cameras – Digital Video Recording, Internet Monitoring…
  • 24 hour locksmith service
  • We cut replacement keys for homes, businesses and vehicles
  • Rekeying locks for stolen or lost keys.
  • Deadbolts installed quickly and professionally by our highly trained locksmiths.
  • Restricted key systems to prevent unauthorized key duplication
  • Consider high security key systems for increased security and peace of mind.
  • Lock out service in Kitchener and surrounding areas, for those unexpected times when you’ve locked yourself out of your car, home or office.•AND MORE

Every day we strive to be your one stop security source.

We are still a family owned company in business. We pride ourselves on the quality of service we bring to our neighbors.
We can be reached anytime 24/7 at: 519-489-2586

We have reliable suppliers for all of your residential and commercial security needs.  We service the complete spectrum of locking devices, from padlocks to completely integrated electronic access control systems, including burglar alarms and camera systems.  We also provide a large variety safe services.

Whenever you need us, Door repair Kitchener will be there

Not only do we hire well trained and friendly technicians, they are also licensed in their craft. This means that our technicians can not only get you back into your home or car, but they can also consult with you on installing commercial access controls, security systems, and burglary safes in order to keep you safe from potential security threats.

Call us today for your free estimate! 519-489-2586

Local locksmith Kitchener Ontario

Local locksmith Kitchener Ontario

Local locksmith Kitchener Ontario

Local locksmith Kitchener Ontario technicians are available to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our staff mobile Kitchener Ontario locksmiths are all background-checked, insured, licensed, bonded, and certified. Rest assured, we are the most well-versed on how best to handle your every need when it comes to challenges with locks and keys.

CALL DAY OR NIGHT! 519-489-2586

Whenever you’re seeking a top locksmith in Kitchener Ontario our professional technicians on staff here at Local locksmith Kitchener Ontario are your number-one choice!

Need an extra or replacement key for your children or guests? Have you lost or broken your key?

Book your appointment with a professional today! 519-489-2586

Automotive Services

  • automotive emergency lockout services, 24/7
  • transponder chips
  • ignition cylinder replacement
  • …& more!

Residential Services

  • residential emergency lockout services, 24/7
  • intercom system installation
  • bump-proof locks
  • …& more!

Commercial Services

Call us anytime at; 519-489-2586 for more information!

When it comes to finding a premium locksmith in Kitchener, Local locksmith Kitchener Ontario is the best around!

Our staff mobile residential locksmiths, everyone local to Kitchener are all licensed, certified, insured, bonded, and background-checked. With our expert credentials and experience, you can count on us to be the best in town for professionally and expeditiously handling any residential challenge in locks and keys that could occur.

You’ll discover a vast array of choices in residential lock and key solutions:

  • residential emergency lockout help, 24/7
  • opening your door when you’re locked out
  • household re-keying
  • home safes for your valuables
  • upgrades to bump-proof locks
  • deadbolts
  • pulling out stuck & broken keys
  • repair locks
  • changing your household locks inside & out
  • installing an intercom system
  • garage door locks
  • peepholes
  • …& much more!

Call our professionals for a quick and affordable solution.  519-489-2586



Locksmith Services Kitchener

Locksmith Services Kitchener

Locksmith Services Kitchener provides top notch mobile lock services to Kitchener and the surrounding areas. We value our customers and look forward to providing a fast, reliable and trusted locksmith experience.

Call us today to get your free over-the-phone quote! (519) 742-5625

Our Locksmith services Kitchener provide excellent automotive key service. We can unlock your car, make you new auto keys on the spot, or even change out your ignition. We use state of the art equipment to take care of your car or truck locksmith related problem. Trust excellent car key replacement services in Kitchener and surrounding cities:Locksmith Services Kitchener

  • Transponder Chip Keys Made
  • High Security “Laser Cut” Keys
  • Ignitions Repaired & Replaced
  • Auto Lock Outs

And much more!

We can be reached 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year : (519) 742-5625

Need an emergency Kitchener locksmith? Did you lose your car keys? Lock your self out? Locksmith services Kitchener is famous for its response time and efficient lock solutions. Our emergency locksmiths can help you gain entry to your home, automobile, safe or just about anything with a lock, complex or simple. We offer the best 24 hour locksmith service in Kitchener.

Licensed, Reliable And Professional Locksmiths

Our locksmith experts are not novices. They are insured and licensed. You can bank on them if you are looking for trustworthy and credible locksmiths in the region. These professionals are aware of old and new car models and locksmith products. They can easily fix issues in no time. They are not only professional in their approach but they also are very friendly and customer-oriented. This helps them go the extra mile to build long-lasting customer relationships and loyalty.

Call now for a fast and affordable 24 hour emergency locksmith in Kitchener (519) 742-5625

Locksmith technicians are dispatched locally to your address whenever you need us!
Here at Kitchener Locksmith services takes pride in offering a quality and timely solution for our customer’s needs. We offer home, business, and auto Kitchener locksmith services.

Our vehicles are fully equipped to take care of any lock related issue that might arise
Call us today at; (519) 742-5625



Locksmith Kitchener

Locksmith Kitchener, How often have you said that you need to call on a Locksmith Kitchener technician to help you with some sort of security problem you’re having, but hasn’t.

Don’t procrastinate to long, it could cost you.

 CALL NOW: (519)-742-LOCK Or (866)-272-0468 Locksmith Kitchener 

Locksmith Kitchener

Locksmith Kitchener, How often have you said that you need to call on a Locksmith Kitchener technician to help you with some sort of security problem you’re having, but hasn’t.
Don’t procrastinate to long, it could cost you.
CALL NOW: (519)-742-LOCK Or (866)-272-0468 Locksmith Kitchener

When you need a Locksmith Kitchener service you can always turn to Kitchener Locksmith.
We offer commercial, residential and automotive services at Locksmith Kitchener.
How is the security in your home? Do you find yourself locking your keys in the car? Can you use more security in your offices? We can help you with any of your locksmith needs. Just call one of our
Kitchener Locksmith at Locksmith in Kitchener to assist you with this and other locksmith concerns you may have.
Our locksmith technicians at Locksmith Kitchener – Waterloo are professionally trained and have proven to be very knowledgeable about the industry. They are able to resolve any of your locksmith issues because of their experience in the field. They prove to be dependable and efficient in all that they do.
Our locksmith technicians take a lot of pride in the work they do, especially when they are able to help you solve your most challenging locksmith issues. Do you have a locksmith issue that has given you a lot of concern. Don’t worry. We are sure to be able to resolve the issue for you at Locksmith Kitchener.
We offer many products and services for which to help us with your locksmith needs. If you need the services of locksmith, Kitchener, Waterloo best service provider is Kitchener Locksmith.
When you rely on our services for your locksmith needs, you receive satisfaction, guaranteed. CALL NOW: (519)-742-LOCK Or (866)-272-0468 Locksmith in Kitchener offers the following Residential Services (but not limited to): Keyless Entry Home Lockouts Home Safes Re-Key Locks Gun Safes Intercom Systems Lock Change Master Keys Garage Door Locks Deadbolt Installation.
Locksmith Kitchener offers the following Commercial Services (but not limited to): Deadbolts Lockouts Key Extraction Keypad Devices Door Closers Hardware Repairs Break-in Repairs Access Control Drop Boxes Re-key.

Locksmith Kitchener offers the following Automotive Services (but not limited to):

Break in Repairs
Broken Key Extraction
Keys Made
Auto Lockouts
Opening Car Doors
Lock Change
Transponder Chips
Re-Key Service
Make Transponder Keys
High Security Sidewinder
Locksmith Kitchener uses the most top rated, recognized brands: Kaba, Schlage, Arrow, Medeco, Kwikset, ASSA, Baldwin, Falcon, Ilco and Mul-T-Lock.
CALL TODAY: (519) 742-LOCK(5625)
Automotive Locksmiths
Smart Keys
Unlock Car Doors
Automotive Keys

Lock Replacement

Rekey Service
High Security Sidewinder
Ignition Cylinder Replacement
Broken Key Extraction
Residential Locksmith Kitchener
Lock Change
Re-Key Locks
Garage Door Locks
Rekey Service
Broken Key Extraction
High Security Locks
Home Lockouts
Master Keys
Commercial Locksmith Kitchener
Desk / Cabinet / File Cabinet Locks
Mailbox Lock
Key Extraction
Combination Changing
Access Control
Drop Boxes
Fire / Panic Devices
Master Key Systems

Locksmith Kitchener

Locksmith Service Kitchener