Fire Rated Commercial Door Solutions in Vaughan

Fire Rated Commercial Door Solutions in Vaughan

When searching for fire rated commercial door solutions with glass, often the best solution is an Air Louver glass window. Specifically, the VSL Air Louver Slimline Vision Lite is an ideal solution when the application calls for fire rated doors.

fire rated commercial door The Air Louver VSL- Slimline Vision Lite is a low profile Vision Lite for fire rated doors. Its self-attaching frame has single-sided fasteners for easy installation. Manufactured with a 20 gauge CRS frame, the Slimline Vision Lite features a continuous glass retainer and 1-1/4″ trim.

An excellent solution for applications where fire rating is required, the Slimline Vision Lite provides line of sight in fire rated doors. The Slimline Vision Lite, when properly installed in appropriately rated and approved doors, can achieve a fire rating up to 3 hours. It is tested and listed for UL 10C and Criteria of UBC 7-2 Positive pressure.

Doors Repair Vaughan stocks a number of VSL solutions, including the Slimline Vision Lite in various common sizes. We specifically carry the VSL Model Mineral Bronze color in stock for 1/4″ glass. We also stock tempered and wire glass to complete your VSL complete door solution.

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