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Don’t Get Locked Out of Your Car!

   Don’t Get Locked Out of Your Car!



car key with remote controlIf you’ve ever gotten locked out of your car before, then you know how inconvenient and frustrating it can be. It’s particularly problematic when it occurs at night or in an unfamiliar place, or when you have an important appointment to get to. Here are some tips to help you prevent getting locked out of your car.

    Lock the Doors with the Key Fob

Does your car key have a fob? If so, get in the habit of only using the buttons on the fob to lock and unlock your doors. That way, you’ll need to have your keys on you in order to lock the door.

    Replace Dead Batteries

After some time, your fob’s batteries might need replacing. If your key fob is not working, then the battery is probably dead. If the battery’s dead, head to your local auto parts store for a replacement.

    Have a Spare Set of Keys

Cars usually come with two sets of keys. Typically vehicle owners will leave the extra set at home. But what if you get locked out when you’re out in the city? What if there’s no one available to drive you home to pick up the spare, and then back to your car? In this case, it’s beneficial to have a third key. Your car locksmith in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, can make you an extra key that you can leave in your handbag or in an inconspicuous spot in your car.

With these tips, you can minimize the risk of getting locked out of your car. In the event that you do get locked out, call on our reliable car locksmith in Kitchener. We provide around-the-clock car locksmith services, 365 days a year.


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Locksmith Kitchener 24-7 Access Control

Locksmith Kitchener 24-7 Access Control

Locksmith Kitchener 24-7 Access Control services cab help you enjoy the many benefits of installing access control systems for your business. Choosing Our C Locksmith Kitchener 24-7 Access Control company for your access control systems installation and repair needs is an excellent investment. When you order an Access Control system like a CCTV install and repair service, Locksmith Kitchener 24-7 Access Control team will provide you with a bonded and insured commercial locksmith within 20 minutes or less.

Locksmith Kitchener 24-7 Access Control

Locksmith Kitchener 24-7 Access Control

An access control system can effectively keep all employees where they’re supposed to be. Systems can be customized to fit various businesses, and generally fit within the stand-alone (mag-stripe and PIN code activated) and PC controlled (the system is directly controlled from office computers) options.

Instead of trying to track many keys in many hands, access into and throughout the building is regulated by electronic locks. If access cards are lost or stolen, the chips can easily be reprogrammed to refuse further building access. Likewise, if an employee is terminated and does not relinquish his or her card, the card can be reprogrammed to deny access. And not all employees may be permitted access to all parts of a building.

When you choose to do business with our 24/7 locksmith service, you eliminate the need to ask any questions. All information regarding our 24/7 locksmith service is available here on our website or it’s a call or click away. We’re known for our speedy work ethic and our upfront pricing. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and most importantly, security. Providing commercial property owners with a safe and secure work environment is our goal as a team. Whether you need to repair or install your closed-circuit televisions, we have the tools and experience to handle the job quickly and efficiently so you can get back to what you’re best at— running your company. Still have questions about whether or not a complete locksmith service is the ideal choice for you? Contact one of our local representatives today to get all the details.

Take advantage of complete locksmith service, which includes upfront pricing, 24/7 locksmith service for all of your security needs, and experienced technicians who can install and repair access control systems quickly and professionally. Call Locksmith Kitchener today, and let us help you make your dreams for an access control system in your building a reality.