Waterloo Lock Picking Tricks

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Waterloo Lock Picking Tricks

Do you have a lock that you want to pick? Here are tricks that will help you to easily pick it:


Thorough Assessment

Before you pick the unit ensure that you first assess the condition of the lock. Remember that tumblers are weakened by extensive use which affects their susceptibility to picking.

Dirt also greatly affects the effectiveness to pick the lock. You should assess the lock and rectify the problem that it might be having. For example, if the lock is dirty you should clean it.


Understand How to Jiggle

As a rookie, the best way of picking the lock is by jiggling. Here you only need to stick a pin into the lock and jiggle it. For ideal results you should ensure that you keep the proper tension on the pins throughout the process.

When you feel a pin set when jiggling, you should stop the jiggling and move to a different part of the lock. You should keep using different tensions until the lock unlocks. You should use a small paper clip as your tension tool. Here you should straighten out the paper clip and then bend it on one end to a 90-degree angle.


Raking Waterloo Lock Picking Tricks

For you to easily pick the lock you need to ensure that it’s properly lubricated. One of the most important parts to lubricate is the plug. You should lubricate it with WD40 or any other spray, but not graphite. After applying the lubricant you should distribute it through the tumbler using a long pick.

After lubricating the lock you should use a tension tool that snugly fits the keyway. You should start with very slight tension and then turn into stronger tension. Remember that too much tension weakens the drive springs thus you should be gentle.



This is another simple way of picking the lock. You should push the pick up on the first pin and then push it all the way back across the pins. Again you should use light tension at first and then switch to strong tension. If the pins fail to set you should start all over using a different order.



These are the locksmith tricks that you should use to pick your home lock. To avoid damaging your lock you should ensure that you use the right locksmith tools. It’s also wise that you consider hiring a professional locksmith to help you with the picking.


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