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Waterloo Garage Door Locks – Security, Safety and Convenience

If you are still looking for the best garage door locks to secure your garage, here are some advice and information gathered from law enforcement and security systems personnel.


Choosing Door Locks

Replace standard door locks that usually come with garage doors as they are not resistant to picking, hammering and other attacks.Waterloo Garage Door Locks

For overhead doors that roll up or tilt up, secure them with bolts or padlocks that are installed in the center of the tracks one-fourth of an inch above the roller when the door is closed.


You can also choose a padlock and bolt combination and extend the bolt into the metal sleeve and have it recessed into the driveway by about two or three inches. If you choose a padlock and latch combination, make sure the hasp is correctly installed and that the screws are not exposed.


Choose a lock able to work with your existing automatic door closer, remote control device and alarm systems. For safety purposes, make sure that your automatic closers have safety mechanisms that enable them to reverse and stop if they are obstructed.

Before installing door locks, make sure that the garage door, hinge mechanisms, rollers, tracks are working properly. See to it also that your door handles, lever, pulls and bells are installed correctly, not only for aesthetics purposes but for convenience.

Here are some door locks that you can check out:


Keyed Cylinder T-Handle Lock in Chrome

This is an all-metal garage door lock from Prime Line, It is used together with an interior Swivel Lock Handle or a locking hub and it can replace most overhead sectional steel or wood garage doors keyed with T lock handles. This lock can also be used on doors of mobile homes and recreational vehicles.


Stanley Aluminum Deadbolt Lock & Key Cylinder

This deadbolt lock, also available at hardwarestore.com, is ideal for garage doors that have locking hubs. Its key cylinder lock has a solid tumbler and it replaces most overhead garage door locks made of steel or wood. All its parts, including the mounting hardware, fasteners and plates are all made of metal.


National Hardware Deadbolt V7651 Garage Door Lock

This aluminum deadbolt lock, available at shop.com, is resistant to burglar attacks because the two-inch lock cylinder is installed on the outside while the lock body is installed on the inside, making a rectangular notch in a locking bar assembly which is 3.5-inch long. It is in chrome finish and weighs 0.75 pounds.


On the whole, the best garage door locks are the ones that work with your other door hardware, that fit the type of your garage door and that are strong enough to resist attacks and severe weather.