Kitchener Master Rekeying Defined

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Kitchener Master Rekeying Defined

Master rekeying enables you, the owner of a business for example, to have one key that will work just on the front door, and a second key that will work on both the front door and your office thus enabling you to have fewer keys on your keychain.


What most people don’t realize is that master keying and Key-A-Like is not the same! A lot of customers will call Complete Locksmith and ask us if we can set their home or business with a master key when all they really want is one key for all their locks, the same key! This is what’s known in the locksmithing world as a Key-A-Like.Kitchener Master Rekeying Defined


Think of Key-A-Like being similar to your car key in the sense that most models are made with a single key that works on all locks for the entire car. The same key that opens your car’s doors and trunk will also start the engine. Imagine that! Instead of coming home after a long day and having to open four different locks, each with it’s own unique key, fumbling around for the right one in the dark, you would simply have one key that will open all of your locks. This key would not only get you in the house but also into your shed and even your closet. This simple process is safe and helpful and brings with it multiple benefits like having a single key on your key chain, easy storage for spare keys with a trusted friend or relative, manageability of all your important keys in life from home to work to spares.


Master keying allows for a single key to control several locks while still having each lock with its own separate key. This carries with it several advantages. For example the owner of a company might issue employees a key with access to his company’s front door locks whereas his key would allow him access not only to the same locks as his employees’ key but also to restricted areas such as his personal office.


As another example some businesses may have checks and cash on hand and need to keep it in a secure area but need to supply keys to the building for cleaners or maintenance workers for access at night. Master keying gives you control over who has access to sensitive areas greatly reducing the risk of compromising sensitive information. I have witnessed lockouts that that were simply a waste of time and money due to poor organization of a company and its keys. The funny thing is that simply having a multi-level master set of keys could have prevented most of these emergency calls.


How can you institute a master rekey for your business?

If you contact Kitchener Locksmith we can send a professional locksmith technician to rekey all your locks and pin them so the tumblers will match one or more keys within the same cylinder. Or perhaps you have four locks and would like to have two keys, one that will open all of the locks and one that will open only three of the locks. Easy enough, only three of the cylinders will needed to be master rekeyed. In most cases a master rekey will be less expensive to set up for your business or home than what originally think.