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Whoever loves his white clothes or loves wearing white or bright and clean shirts would definitely know the pain of keeping them white. He would have to scrub till his last drop of energy and then would have to ensure if the cuffs and the collars are also matching the same white. The pains of washing white clothes on one side, making sure that these white clothes do not get mixed with other fast colored clothes would surely drive any man up the wall. For the same reason, washing machines have been hailed as one of the most helpful appliances. However, whatever brand of washer you buy when you find them making loud noises or not spinning, then its time you call the leaders in washer repair in your area, Washer Repair Vaughan.


What kind of washer issues can come up?

LG washing machine repair or Frigidaire are done by many technicians who may or may not be totally aware of the nooks and corners of the machine and would generally try to be rough with the machine just to make sure they begin working. But where rough handling may be able to work and fix the washing machine’s problem but only a trained mechanic would act very professionally and systematically. A technician trained specifically for a brand like GE, Samsung, or Maytag or even Bosch would know where the problem is without much delay. So, while calling up for Repair do not forget to mention your brand and ask them for Bosch washing machine repair or Samsung washer repair so that they come and have a look and work as per the brand’s requirements.

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Apart from washing machines, the company also deals with the repair of other appliances like refrigerators, stoves, cook tops and microwave ovens to name a few. Along with offering you Maytag washer repair, they also would be able to offer maintenance for the brand along with your other appliances. Though signing up for these regular maintenance checks is optional, it is highly recommended. The cost for maintenance checks is very nominal and yes, while signing up for these checks you can also go for scheduling these checks so that you can stay at home on those days or ensure that your appointments do not clash. If you would need any GE Washer repair or replacement then they would recommend that too and offer you replacement parts from reputed and matching brands only. If they find that your washer needs a thorough cleaning up or checking up then they might take it and deliver it within time too so that you can return to washing your clothes and keeping your white clothes white!



Xpress Appliance Repair Vaughan Keeping Your Washer in Tip-Top Shape

Keeping Your Washer in Tip-Top Shape

Xpress Vaughan washing machine repair can fix this Your washing machine is dryer- vaughannormally a loyal appliance working hard each day to clean the family’s clothes. Even with a trusted Vaughan washing machine repair professional servicing your appliance frequently, there are several maintenance tips that help prolong its lifespan. Take some time out of your schedule to perform a few of these tips and watch your washer last longer than previous models.
Leveling Tips

A professional may have installed a washer initially, leveling the appliance’s feet with rapid rotations. Residents must level the washer throughout the years because of vibrations. Those feet can rotate out of level with several hundred washing cycles, for example. Simply place a hand level on the washer’s top surface. You can find levels at any home improvement store. Ask a friend to watch the level as you turn the feet one at a time. As the washer slowly levels out, you’ll need to adjust the two front feet to finish the process.
Water-Fill Hoses

The washer seems to fill and empty quickly, thanks to the strong water-fill hoses attached to connectors. Periodically check these hoses for any cracks or damage along their lengths. When any damage is found, it is best to replace the hose. Calling an appliance repair technician is the best solution, so hoses can be switched out properly. Additionally, verify that hose connector threads are completely tight at the washer and wall outlets too. If these hoses fail, a huge water volume can spill out into the laundry room.
Lint Disposal

You may be familiar with removing lint from the dryer, but there is a hidden compartment in the washer too. All models are different, so take a flashlight and gaze into the washer drum. Along the edges could be a lint rack that just slides up and out. The middle section or agitator might hold a lint storage area too. Make sure to clean these areas out after each wash. You’ll notice less lint on your clothing as you move it between the washer and dryer. Clean lint racks also improve washer performance because the system isn’t compensating for the added weight.
Surface Cleaning

It’s possible to just run a damp cloth across the washer’s exterior, but there could be more serious grime there that doesn’t release from the surface. Create a 1:1 ratio mixture of vinegar to water. Dip a rag into this mixture and wipe it across the washer’s exterior. The vinegar helps to dissolve dirt and oils while the water refreshes the surface’s appearance. Whether you have a basic white or bright red washing machine, cleaning the surface truly makes the appliance feel brand new.

By practicing all these maintenance tips, your washer should work almost perfectly for each load. However, be aware of foreign objects hindering normal operation. Always check those pockets for loose change or even pens. You don’t want to call a Vaughan washing machine repair professional for an emergency service. It’s best to stick with preventive service calls and at-home maintenance to keep that washer in tip-top shape.

We Repair All Brands of Washers and Dryers

At Xpress Appliance Repair Company in Vaughan Toronto Ontario and the GTA area, our technicians can repair any brand of washer or dryer. Whether you have a gas or electric dryer, GE, or Whirlpool, no matter if your washer is an LG, Maytag, or Samsung, we can fix it and fix it fast. And you’ll like our upfront pricing too. At Xpress Appliance Repair Vaughan, we charge a flat fee for the service call and the diagnosis. Then we give you a written estimate before any repair work begins. No surprise bills – ever. Plus, if you approve the estimate, we will waive the service call and diagnostic fee.

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Xpress is known for our fast response time. Our service vans are radio dispatched to get them to your home fast. Our technicians drive fully stocked vans so they’ve got the parts they need when they get there. You’ll find us to be rapid and reliable, so call us when you need the best.

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