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Locksmith Hamilton Preventing Theft

Locksmith Hamilton Preventing Theft

Locksmith Hamilton Preventing Theft is a service offered by our locksmith technicians at all times, service provided to homes, businesses or cars. Locksmith Hamilton Preventing Theft service will help you improve the safety and security of your properties. Call our Locksmith Hamilton Preventing Theft service at any time for more information.

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Locksmith Hamilton Preventing Theft

Locksmith Hamilton Preventing Theft

We advocate that all of our customers have their home or business correctly prepared to handle any type of attempted break-in. One of the most important parts of being prepared is to know the ways that a criminal may try to enter your home. We find that most times it is the simplest ways to gain access that burglars end up using. Below we have the three most common ways that criminals will attempt to gain access to your residence.

Bump Key
Bump keys are very discreet and easy way for criminals to gain access to your home when you are not there. A bump key is a blank key that has been shaved down so that it can slide into any lock cylinder. From there all a criminal has to do is apply direct force to the back of the key and they are easily able to open most standard locks. This method takes criminals only a matter of seconds and they can be inside of your home or business. A way to protect yourself from this is to purchase a bump proof lock, which uses a different cylinder mechanism than standard locks and prevents criminals from bumping the lock.

Credit Card
Many people have seen it in movies and have heard of opening a locked door with a credit card before. Credit carding is similar to bump keys however bump keys have a much higher rate of success. The most common place for a door to be unlocked using a credit card is in a dorm or apartment setting because only knob locks can be opened using a credit card, deadbolts cannot. For a burglar to enter using a credit card it is as simple as them placing the card inside the divide of the door frame and lock while applying pressure to the card. Depending on the correct combination of force the door will pop open once the credit card is fully in between the frame and lock.

Doors Left Open
Burglary is often a crime of opportunity and a lot of time people are robbed because they left an exterior door unlocked or even fully open. We remind all of our customers to make sure they properly activate all locks on their home before leaving or before going to bed for the night. It only takes one time of forgetting to lock your locks that a criminal is able to stroll right into your home or business.

All three of these methods of gaining entry to a home or business are very easy to prevent. Bump proof locks will stop any criminal who is trying to use a bump key to enter your home and a deadbolt can easily be installed to ward off any burglars trying to credit card your door. Of course, all you need to do to prevent a criminal from just walking in the front door is to always remember to lock your doors.

Call Locksmith Hamilton if you want to install bump proof locks, deadbolt locks or any other locks to improve the safety of your property. We are here 24/7 for you.


Locksmith Hamilton Fast Service

Locksmith Hamilton Fast Service

Locksmith Hamilton Fast Service is a s fast as 15-20 minutes from your call for help. Our Locksmith Hamilton Fast Service will be on its way to you the moment you call, helping with any of your home, office or car locksmith problems. Call our Locksmith Hamilton Fast Service any time – we are on call 24/7!

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Locksmith Hamilton Fast Service

Locksmith Hamilton Fast Service

Emergency locksmith service:

The worst situations one can find themselves in are those that come unannounced, at unexpected times. To help you battle out such emergencies, we have an emergency response unit that dedicatedly serves you round-the-clock. Got yourself locked out? Did you just experience a burglary and require urgent repairs? Do you need an eviction locksmith on an urgent basis? Whatever be your need, we impart utmost importance to resolving such contingencies in the shortest time frame. With rapid response, 24-hour availability and a 20-minute response time, count on us if you ever find yourself in desperate need of a locksmith.

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We are a firm that has managed to revolutionize the locksmith sector through provision of high-quality, cost-effective and a vast range of locksmith services. We started on this journey years ago and have continued on the quest to achieving excellence ever since. We believe that the true measure of success comes not by assessing financial gains, but by measuring customer satisfaction. Through our constant upskilling programs, we train our technicians and mold them to respond ably to the dynamic customer requirements. To facilitate movement and provision of on-the-spot services, we’ve equipped ourselves with a state-of-the-art mobile vehicle fleet. To provide added convenience, we’ve extended our hours of operation to stretch round-the clock. To ensure maximum levels of customer satisfaction, we provide quality work at low prices. Since we’ve always gone that extra mile to better ourselves, it’s no wonder that we’ve reached a prominent position in the industry, where we’re known for our timeliness, quality, reliability, and affordability.

What makes us special?

Our high standards: We don’t try to pass off something average as good. For us, anything short of best is not good enough. From the tools we use to the products we provide, you’ll find them to be high-end and of superior quality.

24-hour availability: You might be in need of a locksmith at odd hours. To cater to your needs even in the middle of the night, we work in shifts round-the-clock. Be it an emergency or for standard service, you can reach out to us at any time.

Mobile solutions: To reach out to all corners Hamilton area, we operate mobile vehicles that can drive up to any location, in quick time. All our vans are loaded with cutting-edge tools and equipment to render services onsite.

Pocket-friendly services: Despite establishing high standards and providing quality assurance, we do not charge sky-high prices for the same. All our rates are nominal, and in fact, one of the lowest in the industry. You get complete value-for-money, if you hire us.

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