Locksmith Kitchener New Locks

Locksmith Kitchener New Locks service will come to your place whenever in need of a new lock installation on any property. Locksmith Kitchener New Locks service will help you with the garage door, mail box door, patio door or any other door you need a new lock on. Call our Locksmith Kitchener New Locks service now!

Locksmith Kitchener New Locks

Locksmith Kitchener New Locks

Why do I need to go through a new lock installation process?

Home owners should go through the new lock installation process because their homes are valuable assets and investments. As such they want to make sure that their homes are as secure as possible. Installing locks on new doors in your home is an essential part of making sure that your home is safe. Make sure that you discuss all your options with our locksmith so that you choose the right locks for the door you have. Proper locks will ensure that your security functions properly.

Lock Installation

Before our locksmith can even begin installing a new lock on your door, the most important part of this process needs to be carried out. That process is the choice of the right lock for your door. You may be wondering what exactly goes into choosing the right lock?

Choosing the Right Lock

As stated earlier, home owners want to make sure that they have the absolute best locks to provide them with safety and comfort at all times. Due to the fact that there are so many different ways for doors to be bypassed, it is important that home owners pay close attention to the locks they choose for their doors.

Almost every door lock has the same basic features. There is a bolt that is extended from the lock to fit within the strike. The strike is located in the frame of the door. Much in the same way the material of a door might determine how strong it is, the nature of the bolt within a lock is a major determining factor in of how strong it is. When it comes to exterior doors, there are two main types of bolts that homeowners and locksmiths prefer to make use of. These are deadbolts and latch bolts.

Deadbolts are bolts that are not spring-loaded, nor are they beveled. Spring-loaded bolts are ones that constantly have the bolt extended and they retract once the doorknob, lever, or handle is engaged, due to the contraction of the spring mechanism. These spring-loaded bolts work in conjunction with the beveled surface of the bolt. Deadbolts do not have any of these features. To retract or extend a deadbolt (essentially to open or close a deadbolt) a home owner would have to use either a key or a thumb-turn to manually complete this action.

Latch bolts are the bolts that are spring loaded and they are also beveled. The spring used with the latch bolt, keeps the bolt constantly extended unless force is applied in the form of turning the handle of the door.

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