Cambridge Locksmith Home Lockout

Cambridge Locksmith Home Lockout service is offered to you if you have been locked out of your house or apartment. Our Cambridge Locksmith Home Lockout service will arrive at your door in about 20 minutes to help you get back in. Call our Cambridge Locksmith Home Lockout service 24/7, all days of the year.

Cambridge Locksmith Home Lockout

Cambridge Locksmith Home Lockout

We have all been there. Stuck outside, clueless, with a million important things to do, yet unable to enter the house or the apartment. Why? Because you have locked yourself out.

Only a few things are more annoying. But do not worry, it has happened to the best of us too. Instead of kicking the door in and incurring more costs, your next best step is to call our quick service locksmith. In a matter of minutes, you will be able to continue your day as planned.

But you can prevent it from happening in the first place. All it takes is to be pro-active and a little extra care. How can you prevent a lockout to happen?

Simple steps to prevent locking yourself out

There are a number of ways you could do this. Should you consider leaving a back window open? While this works, it is not advised AT ALL. If you can enter your home this way, who is to say a burglar will not do the same? You might as well hand over your new LCD TV or PlayStation to the next stranger in the street.

Get a sufficient number of extra keys

One of the ways to insure against being locked out is by making extra keys for your house or apartment. It is like a pair of socks, the more the merrier. However, you want to keep it under 4 or 5 sets (unless you have house-mates), because if there are too many, chances are they can fall into the wrong hands.

Find a good place(s) to hide your extra keys

You can ensure that all the major locks in your house are threaded to one key. It is advisable to limit it to the main entrances alone. You can do this by taking the doorknobs to a store or by calling our locksmith. We are professional locksmiths capable of completing this configuration.

The next step is to seek out clever hiding places for the extra keys. Movies have showed us (and burglars) that most people hide their spare keys under a mat or rock near the door. It would be unwise to repeat the same. Instead if your home has a back garden, find a potted plant and stick the spare key inside the soil (wrap it in a muslin bag first). Get more potted plants so you can rotate the position each time.

If you still find yourself locked out, give us a call at Cambridge Locksmith Home Lockout. We are available for you 24/7 and one of our expert locksmiths will help you in minutes to get back in.