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Locksmith Cambridge Home Lock Care

Locksmith Cambridge Home Lock Care

Locksmith Cambridge Home Lock Care service is a full-service locksmith company, successfully and efficiently servicing the entire area. Locksmith Cambridge Home Lock Care service is covered by our network of highly experienced professionals. Call Locksmith Cambridge Home Lock Care to repair, replace or install new locks at your house.

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Locksmith Cambridge Home Lock Care

Locksmith Cambridge Home Lock Care


All our locksmiths are fully certified and we invest time and energy to constantly update both our standard tool kits and our locksmith knowledge – techniques, materials, best practices and latest technologies.

24 hours dependable residential locksmith services

Your home’s security is important to your daily routine and a critical factor of your overall satisfaction. Our team of expert locksmiths fully understand the need for security and have invested years of training and practical interventions to develop the highest level of skills in residential security systems.

As such, our professional locksmiths are not only capable and certified to perform residential locksmith services, we can also provide you with state-of-the-art evaluations of your home’s security systems and overall safety. Base on the results achieved we are ready to provide you with a personalized set of professional recommendations to further improve the safety of your home.

If you have just moved into a new house, are considering changing your old door’s lock and keys or planned to install home security cameras, our team is your trusted partner. Our portfolio of residential services includes (but is not limited to):

  • 24 hours locksmith care
  • Door lock changes, installations or repairs
  • Professional lock picking (when locked out of your home)
  • Master lock installation / repair and re-key
  • Lock re-key (including the creation of replacement keys)
  • Wireless home security camera installation
  • Cabinet and windows lock installation and repairs
  • Intercom systems installation / repair
  • Garage door locks
  • Sliding door lock installation / repair

Our experienced team of locksmith professionals can provide you with the best level of service required by your situation, from simple lock replacements and front door lock-outs to more advanced security systems planning or improvements. Our assistance is ready to be delivered in just 20 minutes from the moment you have placed your call – we believe in the importance of delivering a fast service and restoring our customers’ mobility and security in the shortest time possible.
We believe in the quality of our work and offer a 6 months guarantee on all services delivered.

Our dedication to service quality and customer satisfaction has helped build a strong reputation as a professional provider of locksmith services for all types and sizes of customers and problems.

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Locksmith Cambridge Auto Key Copy

Locksmith Cambridge Auto Key Copy

Locksmith Cambridge Auto Key Copy service is going to take care of the copy and other car locksmith issues you may have at your car. Locksmith Cambridge Auto Key Copy makes duplicates for any kind of motor vehicle, be it a car, van, truck, SUV, motorcycle or boat. Call our Locksmith Cambridge Auto Key Copy service for any auto related locksmith needs.

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Locksmith Cambridge Auto Key Copy

Locksmith Cambridge Auto Key Copy

We’ll come to you anywhere in Cambridge, catering for all makes and models of vehicles, including transponder keys in late model vehicles. Because we create transponder keys from our mobile locksmith vans, we can replace it much faster and perhaps more cost effectively than your car dealer. We create keys for older cars as well. No matter what the vehicle – car, truck, motorcycle, boat – we have got the tools and technology to get you back on the road.

We also work closely with many insurance agencies, ensuring a hassle-free transaction. Lost your keys – or had them stolen? Get in touch with the team today to get back on the road.

Among our services we offer the following ones:

  • Automotive chip keys
  • Car keys
  • Locks repaired or replaced
  • Ignition repairs or replaced
  • Vehicles opened
  • Transponder Keys
  • Computer Automotive resetting when all keys are lost
  • Car trunk door opened

Getting Back on The Road

Having your keys stolen or lost, or your car being broken into can be stressful. We have a large range of the latest machines and can make keys to most vehicles getting you back on the road as fast as possible.  

Transponder Keys

Most modern vehicles have transponder, this is what allows your vehicle to start. A transponder is a small glass or carbon chip inside the plastic head, majority of the time you would not even know it is there. The chip sends a message to the vehicles computer (ECU) once the vehicle detects the correct transponder it allows the vehicle to start.

We highly recommend if you only have one key that you have a spare key made, it may seem expensive at the time but it is a lot cheaper and faster option than if you were to lose all your keys completely.

 Remote Keys

Having a broken remote or remote key shell can be a nuisance. We are able to supply a large range of replacement shells only. This is by far the cheapest option if it is just the plastic that has broken and saves you having to replace the whole key/remote.

If you are having issues with your remote not working properly come instore and see us the repair may be as simple as replacing the battery or a worn-out button 

Automotive Locks

If your vehicle has been stolen and recovered, had an attempted break in or the lock are hard to use/ have stopped working we can help. We can help if a damaged lock or a lock that has stopped working is able to be repaired for a fracture of the cost of a new lock. We can help if your lock is beyond repair because we are able to supply new locks keyed to the same key as the rest of your vehicle.

If your keys have been lost or stolen we can re-key all the locks to ensure your old keys will no longer work and there is no risk of someone coming back to steal the vehicle.

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Locksmith Cambridge 24 Hour

Locksmith Cambridge 24 Hour

Locksmith Cambridge 24 Hour service is available at any time for any kind of lock, key and door problem you have, day or night. Locksmith Cambridge 24 Hour serves the whole Cambridge area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Locksmith Cambridge 24 Hour

Locksmith Cambridge 24 Hour

We appreciate you checking out our website. Lost your key? Unable to get into your house or vehicle? Need a replacement? Need an urgent locksmith solution? This is the place to find them all. We have the best emergency locksmiths who are ready to help you with their specialist skills at all times.

Our locksmith technicians are always available to help you on urgent calls all through 24 hours a day, 7 days week. If you are looking to find immediate help in your area, simply pick up the phone and call us. If you or your office need a twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week service, please give us a call.

Getting Immediate Assistance

If there is an emergency, it can be tough to find help as soon as possible. Your urgency may be of utmost importance so do not delay and call our 24-hour locksmiths, f who are available to assist you at any time of the day or week, including the weekends on Saturday and Sunday, and of course at the time of any holiday.

We take pride in our mobile emergency teams, which come to your premise, office or even on the road side. We will render service in the shortest time possible, and make sure you are back on the move in less than 20 minutes. We promise our clients efficient same day service for replacement or spare key cutting. Don’t go spending more money when you rush to seek help from dealers. Our Lost Car Keys service delivery outperforms what you are likely to get from a dealer. If you call for service, we will be available even during the night. Our promise is to deliver services on weekend and public holidays, with best prices and customer satisfaction.

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