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Locksmith Whitby Deadbolt Locks

Locksmith Whitby Deadbolt Locks

Locksmith Whitby Deadbolt Locks service is offered to any property owner, 24/7, to help improve the safety and security of the door. Locksmith Whitby Deadbolt Locks service is mobile and fast, arriving at your door in 15-20 minutes from your initial call. Call our Locksmith Whitby Deadbolt Locks service now!

Locksmith Whitby Deadbolt Locks

Locksmith Whitby Deadbolt Locks


We are going to guide you through some steps of installing the deadbolts yourself. Remember, we are always here to help – just give us a call, any time!

Deadbolt locks can be installed on their own, or they can be added to doors that already have latch bolt locks. They are meant to make doors more secure. Installing a deadbolt will make use of specific tools. This method is the same for both thumb turn deadbolts and double cylinder deadbolts. The most important aspect of this process is making sure that the hole is properly drilled into the door. If it is not done the right way, the door might splinter and it will be damaged. To properly saw through the hole, make sure that you have outlined your starting points and marked them so you have a guide to follow. Proceed to drill through one side of the door, and only drill half way through. Next, begin drilling on the opposite side, and drill all the way through to the section that was sawed off first. This makes it easier for the whole to be sawed out. If you make the mistake of sawing through only one side, you run a risk of destroying the door in the process.

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The next step involves using the drill equipped with the spade bit to drill a hole through the edge of the door, so that the latch can be fitted into it. Then, clean them out and chisel the edges so that they line up with the shape and style of the lock. The latch is then inserted through the edge of the door and screwed in. Before the casing of the lock is placed over the lock and the tailpiece is placed through the latch, it is best to make sure that the bolt can be extended and retracted.

Next up, drill a hole into the doorframe so that the strike plate can be placed upon it. Once again, make sure that depth of the hole in the doorframe corresponds to the throw of the deadbolt, not the actual length of the deadbolt, but the throw of the deadbolt. Continue to finish setting up the lock on the door. All that is left at this point is to make sure that the tailpiece of the cylinder that sits within the collar is lined up properly inside the lock and that the bolts of the turn knob are also lined up on the opposite side. Essentially you want their internal components to be parallel to each other to make sure that the lock works without a hitch. Once everything is lined up properly and screwed in right, you should be set with your new lock installation.

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Locksmith Whitby Lockout Service

Locksmith Whitby Lockout Service

Locksmith Whitby Lockout Service offers the best emergency lockout service in the city, in any emergency lockout situation. Locksmith Whitby Lockout Service aims to help you get into your car, home, or business as quickly as possible without damaging your locks so you can move on with your day.

Call Locksmith Whitby Lockout Service 24/7, year-round for help!

Locksmith Whitby Lockout Service

Locksmith Whitby Lockout Service

Emergency Lockout Mobile Service

We offer mobile emergency lockout service in the area. Our mobile service operates 24 hours a day,7 days a week from including weekends and holidays. Call us today and we will dispatch a professional locksmith technician to you immediately. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Car Lockout

Being locked out of your car is not a fun experience. It usually happens at the worst time. Like a Friday afternoon, when it is raining, and you have to pick up your kids from school. The stress and anxiety surrounding this type of situation is intense. offers you quick and professional emergency lockout service to get you into your car without damaging your locks so you can move on with your day. We have the experience and tools to help the cars– Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Acura, Hyundai, VW, Audi, Ford, Chrysler, Cadillac, Jeep, and most other brands on the road today.

Residential Lockout

Our team offers residential emergency lockout service across the area. We have helped thousands of customers all across our region with home lockout, apartment lockout, condominium lockout, dorm room lockout, town house lockout, bathroom lockout, closet lockout, and bedroom lockout. In the event you locked yourself out and your cell phone and wallet are inside, have no fear, we can still help. Secure your location. Borrow someone’s cell phone, call us, and make sure that you or the person who answers the phone will confirm your location because our locksmith technician will arrive in 15-20 minutes. Upon arrival, we will help you get into your home safe and sound.

Commercial Lockout

Our team offers emergency lockout service for all types of commercial entities; small business lockout, warehouse lockout, office lockout, bathroom lockout, ATM lockout, closet lockout, storage lockout, retail location lockout, restaurant lockout, kitchen lockout, freezer lockout, safe lockout, safe drilling, and much more. We are available everyday 24/7. Call Locksmith Whitby today and help will be on its way.


Locksmith Whitby Remote Keys

Locksmith Whitby Remote Keys

Locksmith Whitby Remote Keys service will help you when yours is not working any more. Call our Locksmith Whitby Remote Keys service 24/7. Locksmith Whitby Remote Keys help will come to you in 20 minutes to help.

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Locksmith Whitby Remote Keys

Locksmith Whitby Remote Keys

The evolution of the automotive industry has indeed been remarkable. Today, vehicles come equipped with a host of features that besides providing endless convenience to car owners, also offer enhanced security. How do you unlock your car? If you own a newer model, then you probably use a remote key to unlock it. Manually inserting the car key and turning it in the lock is now a relic of a bygone era. These new-age keys allow you to lock/unlock your vehicle with the simple push of a button.

How do these keys work?

Remote keys comprise of a radio transmitter that emits a signal carrying a distinct identity code when the button is pushed. The coded signal is then detected by a receiver unit within the car, which upon recognition locks or unlocks the door. Since short-range transmitters are fitted into the remote, they need to be within a certain range to work. These functions are built onto a key fob or in the handle of the ignition key itself. Also, modern systems make use of encryption and rotating codes to deter car thieves from intercepting the signal.

I need new remote keys. Whom do I contact?

If you’ve lost your keys or need a spare, then it’s not something you can procure at a local hardware shop for a few bucks. Programming remote keys is a purely technical process and is generally carried out using a computer with special software. Your authorized dealership can get these keys made. However, the procedure is quite cumbersome and is likely to cost you a significant sum of money. Most reputed locksmiths with an automotive division such as our team can also get these keys made at a fraction of the price and in a short time – and that’s whom you should reach out if you’re in a time and money crunch.

What we do?


If your existing remote are malfunctioning, we’ll try to get to the root of the problem and fix it without replacing the whole component.


Lost your remote keys? We’ll make you a new one. We’ve got the tools and the expertise to program a remote for nearly any vehicle make or model.


Don’t have a remote key less access system in your car? Get one today! We can install the system, provide remote keys and help you reap the tremendous benefits of this feature.

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Locksmith Whitby Emergency Locksmith

Locksmith Whitby Emergency Locksmith

Locksmith Whitby Emergency Locksmith can and will help you in any kind of lockout, lost keys, broken keys, stuck lock, stuck key needs. Locksmith Whitby Emergency Locksmith will help you with door locks, be it a garage door, patio door, front door, gates or even a safe door. Locksmith Whitby Emergency Locksmith is on call 24/7 for all your locksmith needs.

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Locksmith Whitby Emergency Locksmith

Locksmith Whitby Emergency Locksmith

What are some specific services that we provide?

Unlocking – This is useful in times when you accidentally lose or misplace your keys. There are also instances where locks just unexpectedly malfunction. This can be life threatening whenever kids or elderly people are left unattended inside your properties.

Code Rescue – Some digital gates and doorways are protected by digital codes. You can call our emergency locksmith in case you forget your codes or in case the system malfunctions and the correct code does not unlock your property.

Road-side Assistance – We have mobile offices in vans or trucks that allow us to assist clients immediately. As soon as you call us for help, we can drive to your location with everything that you need instantly.

Reinstallation – In case break-ins take place, you can have your security installations reinstalled to secure your area once more. So, in that state of emergency you need our locksmith that understands you and can help you in the best possible way. So, in case you are constructing a new house or you are willing to upgrade the lock system with new ones then call us. Our locksmiths provide emergency services for your residential property because you never know what the scenario will be. If you want to protect yourself from an event like that when you are returning to your house in the midst of the night and you found out that you have locked the house and by mistake you have lost the keys in the party while you were busy dancing. In that case, if you have hired our locksmith that provides emergency service for your residential locks then it will help you.

The benefits that you will get are listed below

In case you are stuck in that situation our emergency locksmith service will give you a quick reply once you call them. They provide their service for residential and commercial property and the service should be completed in a short time. The maximum time that the will take to come to your rescue would be somewhat around 20 minutes.

Our locksmiths have all the equipment needed to unlock the lock in case you have tried opening the lock and the emergency system has automatically shut down all the locking channels. Although they are well experienced to provide emergency services of breaking the lock, they also can serve the purpose of fixing it and installing the lock system then and there. So, you will be rest assured that even though all the lock systems are disabled by them, you are not prone to some unforeseen events as it will be replaced by new lock system.

The best part about our emergency locksmith service is that we operate 24×7 and 36 5days throughout the year as they know that emergency does not seek time and it can happen anywhere and at any time of the year.

Call Locksmith Whitby at any time of the day, week or year to help you out.


Locksmith Whitby 24 Hours Availability

Locksmith Whitby 24 Hours Availability

Locksmith Whitby 24 Hours Availability offers services for each residential and commercial properties in addition to car lockouts. Locksmith Whitby 24 Hours Availability offers all s at very affordable costs and we are accessible 24/7. Call our Locksmith Whitby 24 Hours Availability service at any time, because, as the title says, we are on call 24/7.

Give us a call to help you in any kind of locksmith problem you have!

Locksmith Whitby 24 Hours Availability

Locksmith Whitby 24 Hours Availability

Our responsibility to offer excellent locksmith service in the whole area. Our locksmiths offer strategies to getting the various requirements of home, car and a commercial building. We will reach you within 15-20 minutes from the moment of your call for help.

Our   specialists are recognized for delivering superb set up services for doors, gates, safes, vaults, cars, motorcycles and mail boxes. We make sure the security of your locks with properly picked hardware noted for its stability, value and imaginative appearances. The interactions we have with our vendors give to us the ability to provide the best money saving deals. Additionally, we work together with rental properties for big flats, condo properties and townhomes to assure that you are kept secure in your brand-new home.

We always have professional skillfulness and fantastic service delivery in addition to very affordable costs. The security and safety of our customers always comes very first and making risk-free businesses and homes, businesses and vehicles of all kind, is our most important priority. So regardless of whether you require assistance starting your vehicle door and searching to set up a fresh home security system, we are the professional locksmith company available for you.

Our expert locksmiths know everything about the complex field of locksmith services. Whether you need lock installation key replacement, transponder chip programming, ignition repair, or something else entirely, you can count on us. We are really going to handle your situations fully and thoroughly.

No need to be worried when you get locked out of your car; we have 24/7 emergency services at your convenience. Give Locksmith Whitby a call right now for all your locksmith requirements and we will be guaranteed to offer you with excellent customer service.