Locksmith Guelph Panic Push Bar

Locksmith Guelph Panic Push Bar is actually an exit panic device that is required in commercial and institutional buildings. Locksmith Guelph Panic Push Bar services are provided by our team 24/7. Call our Locksmith Guelph Panic Push Bar service to be helped fast, reliable and affordable.

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Locksmith Guelph Panic Push Bar

Locksmith Guelph Panic Push Bar

Why Emergency Exit Device Panic Push Bar is So Important For Any Business

If you are a business owner or manager doing a renovation or moving into a new space, it is likely you will be required to install an exit panic device because of regulation. We understand the pressure and deadline of opening your business on-time and making sure that you are in compliance with the regulation. Most other security companies have long lead times for supplying and installing the hardware. Our team has relationships with major lock and security companies in the area. This ensures that we will be able to comply with your fast turnaround request so you can be in compliance and open your business in a timely manner.

Emergency Exit Device Panic Push Bar Installation

There is a distinct difference between panic hardware and fire devices. Fire hardware must be self-latching and self-closing which requires a door closure to be added. Fire code dictates that you cannot have any added security or additional lock installed on a fire door. Typically, exit devices are in place to allow immediate egress. A business owner or manager may consider providing extra security to prevent unauthorized access or users to the building. If there is a fire exit device in place, no modifications are permitted because of the fire code. If there is no exit device in place, it is highly recommended that it should installed immediately.

Types & Brands of Hardware

There is a variety of different type of emergency exit device panic push bar: Rim, Mortise, Surface Vertical Rods, Concealed Vertical Rods or Cable, and Multi-Point. We take pride with carrying high-quality locksmith and security products with name brands Mobile Commercial Locksmith & Security Service

Our team offers mobile commercial locksmith service in the area 24/7 all year around including weekends and all holidays.  Call Locksmith Guelph today to schedule a licensed locksmith professional to come to your location and do a Commercial Security Walk- Through.