Locksmith Guelph Commercial Locks

Locksmith Guelph Commercial Locks are many and different, all offering great protection and increased safety for your property. Locksmith Guelph Commercial Locks services are always available, as our team is on call 24/7. Call Locksmith Guelph Commercial Locks at any time, we come to you to fit your schedule.

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Locksmith Guelph Commercial Locks

Locksmith Guelph Commercial Locks

While most of our commercial clients know about the lock and high safety locks options we serve, we will like to take some time here to explain the exit devices. Usually they are called panic bars or crash bars.

There are three primary types of exit devices. These include:

  • The rim style exit devices

This form of exit device has to be mounted on the inner side part of the door.

  • Mortise Style exit devices

Just like the standard mortise lock, this device has to be mounted and then mortised – into the door’s cavity.

  • Surface concealed exit devices

These devices offer additional latching ability at the top and the bottom of the door. They are suitable when aesthetics plays critical part in the door design. These crash bars are also available in different designs and you will often find them in the emergency, utility and service exit doors. The other common styles include plate and lever type.

Since their invention, crash bars have helped in saving lives. The seemingly insignificant and un-obstructive device has changed the face of most buildings safety and the public security in a significant way.

Choosing an Exit Device

  • Choosing the Rim Style Exit device

Rim style exit device is quite ideal for the small businesses in the densely packed areas that include strip malls, and business parks. The devices are cost effective and also comply with codes of most buildings.

  • Choosing mortise style exit devices

The mortise style exit lock devices are a greater choice for the medium to large size buildings and businesses. Mortise design provides more security and aren’t prone to tampering.

  • Choosing the best surface concealed exit devices

The surface concealed exit lock devices are a better choice for the large businesses particularly those that require extra security and aesthetics are important.

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