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Fiberglass Front Doors Aurora – Making An Entrance

Choosing the right entry door is important for two reasons. First, you want your home to look beautiful. That’s important. You want to feel pride when you turn in your driveway each night, and a beautiful entrance dresses up even the simplest home.

Second, you want a solid, secure door. You want to know that your front door isn’t an open invitation to unwanted visitors. Security is critical these days…


With a fiberglass entry system you get both – a great-looking door and top performing security. So a fiberglass door is an excellent option for the homeowner looking to replace a tired old front door. Thanks to today’s technology, door manufacturers are able to make fiberglass doors that look so much like wood doors your neighbors will never notice the difference.


The Beauty of Fiberglass

Once upon a time fiberglass doors looked “less than” stunning. They lacked the true look and feel of natural wood graining. But low-end fiberglass doors are going by the wayside, because a nice fiberglass front door is no ordinary door, it’s gorgeous.Fiberglass Front Doors Aurora

Manufacturers are now able to make a mold that is so sensitive that it picks up every grain, every fiber, every beautiful effect of real wood. The fiberglass panels are then made from that mold. In other words, this process actually duplicates the qualities of real wood.


Rest assured that fiberglass has many other qualities that make it an ideal choice for your next front door. Its durability is second to none. Fiberglass entry doors can withstand extreme weather and temperatures. Unlike wood and steel doors, fiberglass doors will not rot, warp, rust, split or crack. They do not dent or scratch easily.

Maintenance is a breeze, because your fiberglass door will require hardly any care other than the occasional cleaning. Again unlike wood doors, they don’t require refinishing or painting every few years.


You will be pleased to know that your new fiberglass door is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. A fiberglass door’s glazed insulating glass layers and its rigid CFC-free polyurethane foam core help to keep your home comfortable and lower your energy bills. Energy savings are actually being documented online by homeowners who have installed fiberglass entry doors.


And with an astonishing array of stains, grains and colors, the new generation of fiberglass entry doors can now express your unique personal taste and reflect your home’s architectural style.


The Importance of a Good Quality Locking System

Fiberglass doors are tough. No question. But let’s not forget that when you buy an entrance door you are buying a system. The locking system you choose is just as important as the door itself. In this day and age manufacturers build security into the entry system, including one-inch deadbolts and 20-gauge steel plates inside the jam rather than little plastic cups. Burglars can try to kick your door in, but they are surely going to give up or break a leg trying!


The Warranty Behind Your Door

If you’re going to invest in an entrance system, you need to make sure that somebody is standing behind your investment. So look at the warranty. If a company cannot say they will replace your door for free if the fiberglass panel ever cracks, then be forewarned. It means that they’re not confident in the product or the manufacturer, and if they are not confident in the product or the manufacturer, they can’t confidently support you with worry-free guarantees.


Second only to kitchens and bathrooms, your front entry system is going to be one of your important home improvement investments, and it’s also going to give you the biggest return on your dollar. If you have worry-free ownership, if you’ve invested in a quality product sold by a quality company, in the long run the cost of your investment will pay for itself.


Not only are today’s fiberglass doors beautiful, they’re strong. If you see your home as your castle, with a fiberglass door it will be the gemstone of your fortress. Give Fiberglass Front Doors Aurora a Call 647-866-0956