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Toronto Smart Key
What is a smart key?
The evolution in the vehicle security and lock mechanism has been tremendous to say the least. The introduction of Toronto Smart Key as well as other keyless entry systems has given vehicle owners more control and peace

of mind since it is not an easy affair for burglars to gain entry into their vehicles and drive away without being noticed. Today, we explore Smart Key technology and how it has changed the vehicle security industry.

Understanding the Smart Key technology
In simple terms, Toronto Smart Key refers to the technology that utilizes electronic access and authorization mechanisms for most of the present day cars. The origin of the technology can be traced to the early 1990s when it was first developed by Siemens but it was Mercedes Benz to introduce it to some of their models almost a decade later in 1998. Benz introduced the technology as “Keyless Go” after patenting it in May 1997.

How Smart Key works Toronto Smart Key
The working of the Toronto Smart Key is intriguing while at the same time very interesting. With it, the driver can lock, unlock and start the vehicle when the key fob is kept neatly in the driver’s pocket. The car is fitted with several antennas on its body and it is these antennas that will be used to identify the Smart Key and transmit and receive radio pulses that are used for communication between the key and the antennas.

Toronto Smart Key comes with different systems that will allow the operator to achieve a number of functionalities within the car. For example, there are some that are embedded with buttons or sensors that can be used to issue commands such as opening the trunk or the doors whenever they are pressed or released.

Most vehicles with the Smart Key will also have a mechanical backup ready for use should the key malfunction in any way. The mechanical backups are always concealed in a stylish manner on the back of the Smart Key.

Activate the ignition without inserting the keys
One of the conveniences that owners of vehicles with smart keys enjoy is the ability to start the vehicles without inserting any key into the ignition. This is possible since the system can easily disengage the immobilizer while at the same time activating the ignition without the need of a mechanical key. For this to happen however, the driver must have the Smart Key with him inside the vehicle. Most of the vehicles using such systems nowadays will come with an ignition switch button which is pressed or twisted to start the car engine.

Locking the vehicle with the Smart Key
The convenience of the Smart Key is further enhanced by the various ways that a driver can lock their cars when they are leaving. This can be achieved in a number of ways including simply walking away from the vehicle, pressing a button located on the door handles, or touching a capacitive area also located in the handle. The choice of which will vary from one vehicle model to another.

Adjusting vehicle settings with the Smart Key
Some Smart Key systems will also provide options for users to adjust certain vehicle settings by using the key. For instance, driver preferences such as the sitting position, settings of the exterior mirrors, position of the steering wheel, stereo presets, and climate control settings amongst others can be done with the Smart Key. Some vehicle models will also enable you to use the Smart Key to set the maximum cruise speed that cannot be exceeded by the vehicle.

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