Guelph Money Saving Tips

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Guelph Money Saving Tips
Money Saving Tips for Locksmith Services
If you happen to need locksmith services in Guelph, the price of those services can sometimes seem like more than you’d want to pay. Even if you have an insurance provider that can cover some of the costs of a locksmith visit, the co-pay can kill your budget until the next paycheck.

At Guelph Money Saving Tips, we understand that there are times when you need to save some cash. That’s why we’ve developed these money saving tips to help you proactively reduce the potential of experiencing the need to call for emergency locksmith services.

Get a spare key before you need it
New vehicles today come with keys that are specifically paired with a transponder chip. If you don’t match the key to the car, then it won’t start. The only problem is that each key is a custom-made item, so the cost of professionally cutting a missing key and then matching the transponder code can often exceed $200.

So get a spare key now. The cost of duplicating a key is much lower than creating one from scratch.

If you wont follow our 7 tips to stop losing keys and you do lose one, try to keep your transponder code in a place where you can easily find it. Knowing this code can save you some cash if your preferred locksmith in Guelph needs to create a new key.

Have your locks rekeyed
You could hire a locksmith to purchase and install brand new locks on your property. You could maybe save some money by purchasing those locks on your own and then hiring out professional locksmith services to perform the installation. A more effective method could be to rekey your existing locks instead. Guelph Money Saving Tips

This process will change the pins within the lock cylinder so that a different key must be used to open the lock. In return, a rental property or your new home can be more secure without a steep price tag.

Consider having a mechanical key made
Most emergency locksmith services in Guelph for automobiles involves people accidentally locking their keys in their car. If you create a mechanical key for a vehicle that requires a transponder key to start, you’ll still be able to get into your vehicle. You just won’t be able to drive with the mechanical key. This makes it a useful tool for those lock-out moments.

Look at a waterproof key option
Many modern high security keys help to keep homes and vehicles more secure, but the technology does have a greater sensitivity to moisture. Living an active lifestyle in Guelph can put your keys at risk, especially if you’re spending a day out on Lake Michigan.

If you get down to the lake frequently, consider purchasing keys that are waterproof or even shockproof as a proactive investment. This will save you money in the long run because you won’t be stuck with a damaged key at the wrong time.

Guelph Money Saving Tips in Guelph provides you with the expert locksmith services you need for your home, property, or vehicle. Our services are available 24/7 and guaranteed. So if you desided to choose a qualified locksmith, just let us know what your needs and together we’ll find ways to help you save some money today