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Cambridge Home Security Tips for the Winter
When the Winter season arrives, temperatures may go down, but home burglaries tend to rise.

There are numerous reasons why this trend tends to happen.

  • The hours of darkness are longer, giving potential thieves more opportunities to strike.
  • More homeowners tend to journey from colder climates to their temporary homes in warmer climates.
  • Families take vacations that are centered around the holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, which happen just before or during this season.
  • Most thieves who would want to break into a home are going to look for the easiest target possible, and they have several ways to check if the house is empty. This is why contacting a trusted locksmith in Cambridge to review your home security each year is such a good idea. Think of it as your home’s annual check-up.

Then consider implementing these home security tips for the Winter so that your home can be safer every day.

Use a safe
Instead of leaving your valuable items out so they are easy to grab, consider investing into a high quality safe for your home. A good safe will bolt to your wall or floor so it cannot be easily removed

Consider installing security time-switches Cambridge Home Security Tips
New locksmith services in Cambridge provide homes with time-switch products which make it seem like you are home, even if you are not. This includes products that may allow for remote viewing of your property when you are not home.

Upgrade from a basic doorknob lock
Every lock that your door or window happens to have will give you an extra 60 seconds of security when a thief decides that your home has items they want. There any many types of locks that can do the job, but the most secure locks will do it the best. Upgrading a basic door so that it has a good deadbolt or giving your windows an extra lock can make your home a more difficult target.

Consider adding a security alarm system
A modern home security system has noise, light, and video surveillance. You can add flood lights to such a system that are activated by motion. Talk to your preferred Cambridge locksmith about adding high security locks to your system as well so that any unauthorized entry or entry attempt can be immediately reported to law enforcement officials.

Reduce hiding places on your property
Many homes in Cambridge are meticulously landscaped and look beautiful. They also create hiding opportunities for people who might want to break into your home. By reducing landscaping features that offer potential hiding places, you’ll make your home even less of a target.

Stop hiding your keys somewhere on your property
Although it can be an inconvenience if you lose your keys and can’t get into your home, hiding a set of keys somewhere on your property is a major security risk. Most people hide their spare keys somewhere near their front door and thieves know this. It’s better to contact your trusted locksmith service provider in Cambridge to safely open your door for you than risk hiding a key that someone could find.

Cambridge Home Security Tips is a trusted provider of locksmith services in Cambridge, providing guaranteed 24/7 services to those in need. When the cold weather comes around, we can make sure your home can pass its annual checkup. That way you can have confidence in your home security during the Winter season.

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