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Newmarket Lock Rekey
Rekeying a lock is an important undertaking that only Newmarket Lock Rekey can provide.
This process is a simple one, yet it proves helpful to heighten the security in your home. What happens with rekeying is that the pins from the metal cylinder of the locks are removed and they are then replaced with a new set. The combination of the pins inside is totally different from the old one that you wouldn’t be able to open the lock if you insert and use the old key. The resulting outcome is that the old key is simply rendered unusable for the lock anymore. Newmarket Lock Rekey

Rekeying is necessary especially if you have made a recent purchase of your house or have just moved in to a new rented apartment. True, strong locks may have been integrated into the doors of your purchased house or rented unit but ask yourself who else may also have copies to it.
You may have obtained your keys from your real estate agent who vouched there are no other copies out there, but it’s always best to exercise caution. It’s not uncommon for the construction company to distribute copies of your home keys to their workers while your home is being built. They do that so that your carpenters, electricians and other personnel can work on the project as soon as they arrive. Hence, think that there’s always the possibility of one rogue worker coming back and making use of his own copy to wipe clean your home of your personal gadgets and valuable stuffs.

This case also applies to previous tenants of your rented room in the apartment complex.
Former occupants to your room may hand over the keys to your landlord, but there’s no telling how many copies these former renters may have produced and distributed to their own families or roommates. Landlords, in many cases, are not required to change locks between tenants. However, it would always help to ask your landlord if the locks have been changed and when.
Before you take up the process of Newmarket Lock Rekey, you have to review your lease agreement first regarding alterations to your locks. If there is no stipulation that will prevent you from changing your locks, go ahead and get a certified locksmith in Austin to do the job. Otherwise, raise your concern to your landlord about the security of your locks and ask permission to do a rekey even if you have to pay for it yourself.
Now is not the time to exercise being a cheapskate when a week or months from now, you end up going home with a missing flat screen TV or valuable jewelry collection from your place. Besides, rekeying is not very expensive at all.

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