Locksmith Waterloo Commercial Security

Locksmith Waterloo Commercial Security

Locksmith Waterloo Commercial Security service is offered by our very own locksmith experts specialized in commercial security systems and the associated locksmith services. Locksmith Waterloo Commercial Security successfully solved multiple commercial security errors and problems. Call our Locksmith Waterloo Commercial Security team now!

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Locksmith Waterloo Commercial Security

Locksmith Waterloo Commercial Security

Commercial locksmith customers demand higher levels of attention and professional expertise, as well as a completely dedicated range of material and consumables. Our team enjoys a remarkable track record of successful commercial locksmith projects and interventions.

Our expertise covers both traditional and state-of-the-art security systems, meaning you can trust us completely to handle your project with the highest level of efficiency.

Throughout our career we have encountered, including (but not limited to):

  • High security locks
  • Intercom systems
  • Alarm systems and Wireless camera security system
  • CCTV Install (Closed Circuit Television systems)
  • Commercial door locks and door closers
  • Master system re-key
  • File cabinet locks
  • Security door locks
  • Re-key and key production

Our services are delivered with record response time (20 minutes anywhere in the area), our professionals offer full commitment and reliability to each and every intervention and all our prices are reasonably balanced with the quality and durability of our expert services.

Did the door’s lock simply run out on you? Perhaps you lost your keys and find yourself locked out? Did you try your luck one time too many and broke the key inside the lock? For any of these situations (and many others of which we may have not thought yet) you can place your trust in the highly capable hands of our professionals.

We are here to provide you with just the right solution for your, any time, in record time. Our dispatch is available 24/7 and will instantly allocate the best available locksmith to your case.
We are a company that offers high quality and affordable locksmith services. No matter where you find yourself in the area we guarantee an exceptional response time of 20 minutes for each and every one of our locksmith emergency interventions.

Call Locksmith Waterloo’s experts 24/7 and secure the optimal level of safety for you!


Kitchener Rapid Lock Change

Locksmith Kitchener Rapid Lock Change

Locksmith Kitchener Rapid Lock Change service is offered to any commercial, residential and automotive owner having lock problems. Locksmith Kitchener Rapid Lock Change service will come to you, anywhere in the area, in 20 minutes, or less, to help you. Call our Locksmith Kitchener Rapid Lock Change service for a fast and affordable help.

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Kitchener Rapid Lock Change

Kitchener Rapid Lock Change

Most locks have a specific lifetime span, estimated by their producer, and they reach (or even surpass) their official full-functionality period without major incidents, which may create complications to their owners. However, depending on the producer and quality of the lock, as well as the conditions under which it has been used and the interactions of other users with it, misfortunes may occur and the lock ceases to function.

Lock repairing is rarely advisable as the durability of such interventions is hard to predict, leaving a substantial risk for the problem to occur once again in the near future. Additionally, given the circumstances under which the lock change has been requested (malfunctioning, lost keys, physical damage, and more) it may represent an additional security risk not to replace the current lock.

Our specialists are greatly experienced and ready to suggest the best possible approach for your specific situation 24/7. Simply call our team and receive the best locksmith service in the entire area in just 20 minutes!

Do you need an immediate intervention for an internal or external security grill? Call our team now – we operate 24/7!

Security grills are one of more popular security system available on the market – whether external or internal, they remain a top choice for customers of all types. Their anti-burglar efficiency is easily perceivable and can be further enhanced by the usage of burglar bars – heavy duty security bars made of steel or iron.
Various grill models also facilitate variable levels of transparency and light volumes, so that each customer can adjust the choice of design to their daily needs – everything at an extraordinarily fair price.

Security shields are an extension of the regular security grill system – door and windows protection with a bigger coverage (up to 99% area coverage) and specific, outstanding purposes.
Whether using steel screen doors, sun screens or bomb and ballistic protected, security shields are the ultimate level of safety, for exceptional needs and circumstances.
Similar to the standard security grills, security shields can be personalized to better fit their context and the customers’ needs – color filters, scratch resistant finishes, variable thickness, and more.

Call our security experts at Locksmith Kitchener and let us identify the optimal security solution for you.

Locksmith Brantford Awaiting Calls

Locksmith Brantford Awaiting Calls

Locksmith Brantford Awaiting Calls is a service provided 24/7 for any kind of emergency lockout situations. Locksmith Brantford Awaiting Calls service is mobile and fast, arriving at your place in about 20 minutes. Call our Locksmith Brantford Awaiting Calls experts, with any of your car, office of home locksmith needs.

We are on call 24/7 and come fast to help you!

Locksmith Brantford Awaiting Calls

Locksmith Brantford Awaiting Calls

Why and when should you call us?

Taking good care of your locks and keys

The broken lock issue happens much more often than people realize. If someone isn’t paying close attention, it’s fairly easy to break a key by putting it in the wrong and trying to turn it. You may also have a lock that is just sticking now but over some time it leads to lock failure and your key simply snaps in it. It is better to get your lock looked at beforehand or else you might get locked out one unfortunate day.

Renting or moving into a new house

Buying or renting a home, at first may not seem like a reason to change the locks. However, just because your landlord is a nice person doesn’t mean you should leave the old locks. Since there’s no way for a buyer/renter to know everyone who has a copy of the doors keys, changing the locks is the best way to stay safe and local with our locksmith taking care of this.

Lost keys and lock change

While it never feels good to be a victim, theft does happen. And since this can result in lost keys, service from a locksmith is critical must. Call our locksmith who can fit the needed lock for you and make sure it fits properly and that your security is at its maximum.

Business Security

There are a lot of things that have to be taken care of when it comes to running a successful business. And because business owners have so much on their minds, they shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not their business location is secure. There are so many types of locks and so many ways of them being opened that is why service from our trustworthy locksmith is the best option.

Lost car keys and car lockout

You may have locked yourself out of your car and our locksmith experts will be able to get the car opened up for you and make you a new key.

Even if it’s something a little more unusual like opening a bike lock or perhaps even opening a suitcase, our trained locksmith will be able to access these types of things too. Our locksmiths can also open and repair most garage locks, deal with new door installations, CCTV and alarm systems and access control.

Call Locksmith Brantford for prompt, reliable locksmith service-our technicians are available 24/7 for any locksmith problem!

Locksmith Cambridge 20 Minutes Response

Locksmith Cambridge 20 Minutes Response

Locksmith Cambridge 20 Minutes Response time mobile team is available and ready to help you in any lock and key problem, 24/7. Call our Locksmith Cambridge 20 Minutes Response time service for all your home, office and car locksmith troubles. Locksmith Cambridge 20 Minutes Response time team, has the solution to all your locksmith needs.

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Locksmith Cambridge 20 Minutes Response

Locksmith Cambridge 20 Minutes Response


Emergency locksmith services with record 20 minutes response time – 24 hours availability!

Locksmith emergencies can ruin your entire day and leave you feeling insecure and worrying about the safety of your loved ones and yourself. Old locks, rusted parts, incorrect or abusive usage can all represent Locksmith emergencies by themselves or generate a larger and more complex security problem if not addressed properly and at the right moment.

Minor incidents, such as losing a home or office key, create larger consequences and require instant and professional intervention to eliminate risks and restore your property’s or space security.

Do not allow such incidents to dictate the rest of your day – call our professional team and watch as your locksmith emergency becomes history.

Our experts have the experience and professional mastery to instantly intervene, identify, evaluate and efficiently solve any possible locksmith emergency:

  • Lockouts, including lock repair or change
  • Lost keys solutions, including key cutting and spare key producing
  • Car unlock & open trunk services
  • Car ignition system replacement
  • And more

You can count on our expert locksmiths to be on premises in the shortest time possible (maximum 20 minutes anywhere in the area) and deliver services of the highest professional degree. We strive for efficiency and creating the secure spaces our customers demand.


In cases of commercial or residential burglary attempt or a break-in, you have to make the premises secure urgently. We will assure its done promptly and professionally. We will repair any type of doors and frames and upgrade your locks that have been damaged during a break-in to assure you are safer than before on the SAME DAY.


Lock Replacement: Replace the broken locks with a new high security lock that will keep you safer and reduce your insurance costs.

Door Repair: We will replace your broken door with a new one installed on the SAME DAY

Quality: Fire proof doors/handles/hinges, multi-point lock replacement using new original high-quality parts.

Entrance door repair and replacement: a wide range of options both for internal and external doors, in traditional wood, as well as modern and composite materials.

Call Locksmith Cambridge at any moment of day or night to help you!

Locksmith Cambridge Home Lock Care

Locksmith Cambridge Home Lock Care

Locksmith Cambridge Home Lock Care service is a full-service locksmith company, successfully and efficiently servicing the entire area. Locksmith Cambridge Home Lock Care service is covered by our network of highly experienced professionals. Call Locksmith Cambridge Home Lock Care to repair, replace or install new locks at your house.

Call us 24/7 – we come to you in 20 minutes!

Locksmith Cambridge Home Lock Care

Locksmith Cambridge Home Lock Care


All our locksmiths are fully certified and we invest time and energy to constantly update both our standard tool kits and our locksmith knowledge – techniques, materials, best practices and latest technologies.

24 hours dependable residential locksmith services

Your home’s security is important to your daily routine and a critical factor of your overall satisfaction. Our team of expert locksmiths fully understand the need for security and have invested years of training and practical interventions to develop the highest level of skills in residential security systems.

As such, our professional locksmiths are not only capable and certified to perform residential locksmith services, we can also provide you with state-of-the-art evaluations of your home’s security systems and overall safety. Base on the results achieved we are ready to provide you with a personalized set of professional recommendations to further improve the safety of your home.

If you have just moved into a new house, are considering changing your old door’s lock and keys or planned to install home security cameras, our team is your trusted partner. Our portfolio of residential services includes (but is not limited to):

  • 24 hours locksmith care
  • Door lock changes, installations or repairs
  • Professional lock picking (when locked out of your home)
  • Master lock installation / repair and re-key
  • Lock re-key (including the creation of replacement keys)
  • Wireless home security camera installation
  • Cabinet and windows lock installation and repairs
  • Intercom systems installation / repair
  • Garage door locks
  • Sliding door lock installation / repair

Our experienced team of locksmith professionals can provide you with the best level of service required by your situation, from simple lock replacements and front door lock-outs to more advanced security systems planning or improvements. Our assistance is ready to be delivered in just 20 minutes from the moment you have placed your call – we believe in the importance of delivering a fast service and restoring our customers’ mobility and security in the shortest time possible.
We believe in the quality of our work and offer a 6 months guarantee on all services delivered.

Our dedication to service quality and customer satisfaction has helped build a strong reputation as a professional provider of locksmith services for all types and sizes of customers and problems.

Call Locksmith Cambridge today and discover our unequalled services!


Locksmith Guelph Safety Control

Locksmith Guelph Safety Control

Locksmith Guelph Safety Control is a service offered to install or repair one of the high security and safety systems on your home or business. Locksmith Guelph Safety Control is on call 24/7 and fast, ready to serve you. Call our Locksmith Guelph Safety Control at any time!

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Locksmith Guelph Safety Control

Locksmith Guelph Safety Control

Many retail companies require an access control system because of the high employee turnover rate. Securing your retail location is paramount to your business. For example, you may want to restrict access to only certain employees during a limited time slot. You may also want to disable access to former employees per company guidelines. Another great feature is allowing access to outside service providers like weekly deliveries, maintenance, and cleaning crews. With a cloud-based system, the software allows you to add and remove users remotely and restrict access.

We provide professional security system access control installation for schools. Safety for our children and students in schools is paramount. In the event of a lock-down or emergency, schools must have the ability to keep our children safe.  Our Locksmith Security can design the right access control system that fits your elementary school, middle school, high school, or college. Our security expert will conduct a Walk-Through of your school and recommend the right system for your school. Teachers, cafeteria employees, service providers, and weekly deliveries all have their schedules, and their access must be monitored.

We spend most of our lives at work so it is important that our workplace is safe. Office buildings have a plethora of employees and service providers constantly entering and exiting. The right access control system will assist the flow of traffic through all the doors and gates.  Our team can help you design the right system that fits the scope and size of your building.

Access Control Cloud vis. Wired 

Access Control systems are available in the cloud or the traditional wired method. Both have advantages and disadvantages. There is no right or wrong system; it depends on many factors such as how many employees you have, the number of doors you have, the people you are trying to keep out, the people who you are trying to help get in the building, and if you want remote access or not. Our security expert can recommend the right system and help you decide between cloud or wired. If you need access control installation, contact Locksmith Guelph today!


Locksmith Guelph Access Control Systems

Locksmith Guelph Access Control Systems

Locksmith Guelph Access Control Systems are designed to control and monitor the flow of traffic in and out of an office, school, warehouse, or any building. Locksmith Guelph Access Control Systems can be installed on any property. Call Locksmith Guelph Access Control Systems today to install one.

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Locksmith Guelph Access Control Systems

Locksmith Guelph Access Control Systems

We provide a simple management system that allows the end-user, which is you the customer, a user-friendly and flexible access control system designed to make the management of any building incredibly simple. Easy to use and with excellent features. Our access control moves beyond basics of managing the flow of people the around a building, offering benefits like building control and system integration. Our access control is an efficient solution for businesses looking for complete security. We offer solutions from a single door site with moderate access requirements or a large office building that is looking to expand in the future.

Access Control typically consists of a card reader, a magnetic lock device (mag-lock) or electric strike (depending on door type or hardware application), a motion sensor or a request to exit device (REX), and the main control unit.

A card reader is an electronic device which reads a RFID card which enables entry into a building based on cardholder permission.

A maglock is a unique locking device based on a simple concept; without any moving parts making it very reliable. Electric current powers the device enabling it to secure the door.

An electric strike is an alternative in some applications due to its easy installation by replacing the current strike plate.

A motion sensor allows immediate egress from a facility simply based on a person’s movement without pressing or pushing any device. The mag lock or electric strike will automatically release based on movement.

A REX is usually required by code in some jurisdictions; it overrides any electric locking device by allowing egress of a premise in the event of motion sensor failure.

Access Control vs. Locks & Keys

A good access control system is far superior to the old-fashioned locks and keys because you will not have any keys to lose or any locks to re-key when you have an employee change. Furthermore, the motion control and card reader limit access and keep unauthorized intruders out. Access control gives you complete control over your security instead of relying on locksmiths or security personnel.

Call Locksmith Guelph today to install one on your property!

Locksmith Waterloo IP Security Camera

Locksmith Waterloo IP Security Camera

Locksmith Waterloo IP Security Camera service is provided to anyone having an IP camera on their property, or want to install one. Locksmith Waterloo IP Security Camera services are on call, 24/7 and arrive at your door in 20 minutes from the time of your call. Call our Locksmith Waterloo IP Security Camera service now!

Locksmith Waterloo IP Security Camera

Locksmith Waterloo IP Security Camera


We can help secure your home with an IP Security Camera. This security system will allow you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet service. You can monitor your home from your tablet, smartphone, desktop, or laptop. You will no longer have to worry when you travel away from home. Investing in the right system can save you time and money in the long run. Most importantly, you will have control over the security of your home and family.

IP Security Camera Benefits

There are numerous advantages of installing an IP Security Camera in your home. The most obvious are monitoring from any remote location. In the unfortunate event, you have a break-in, you will have a video recording of exactly what happened with a date and time stamp. This evidence can help with your insurance claim and any police investigation. Another advantage is that your system can work as an alarm. You can designate certain areas in your home to alert you if there is any motion. For example, your back door or garage side entrance.  Another major benefit is that there are no monthly fees associated with your system. Compare this to an alarm company: expensive long-term contracts, delayed response time with security guards, and fees for false alarms. With the right system, you can avoid all of this and be in complete control of your family’s security.

IP Security Camera Installer

We can help you install the right IP Security Camera system that is custom tailored to your home and budget. We have the experience and professionalism to install a complete system for your home.

Please call Locksmith Waterloo today to schedule a Security Walk-Through. We look forward to helping you with your home security project.


Locksmith Toronto 24 Hours Safes Service

Locksmith Toronto 24 Hours Safes Service

Locksmith Toronto 24 Hours Safes Service is the best place in the city when it comes to servicing safes. Locksmith Toronto 24 Hours Safes Service is on call 24/7 including weekends and all holidays. Please call Locksmith Toronto 24 Hours Safes Service today to schedule an appointment to speak with one of our safe specialists.

Locksmith Toronto 24 Hours Safes Service

Locksmith Toronto 24 Hours Safes Service


Many customers ask us which safes they should buy, the answer is, it depends on many factors. First, how do you plan on using the safe? Storing cash, storing firearms, storing jewelry, storing sensitive documents, storing a memento, the possibilities are endless and private to each individual. Second, where will you be using the safe? Home, apartment, condominium, town house, dorm room, business, retail location, office, warehouse, there are many places where you can use your safe. Third, determine how much room you have. Safes come in every possible size, it is recommended that you have specific measurements of where you plan on installing your safe. Fourth, your budget. As you can imagine, the price range is vast.

Safes – Mobile Service

Our team is proud to offer safe mobile service 24/7 for safes in the area. We can help drill your safe. We can help you reprogram your safe combination. We can install an electronic keypad on your safe. We can help you open your safe. We can also help you install a safe. We can even help you bolt down your safe. Our safe mobile service is available for your convenience.

Gun Safes

Our team can help you select the right gun safe for your home or business. Gun safes are important to the security and safety for you and others around you.

Safes Brands & Other Services

We service a wide range of safe brands. Other safes and safe services we provide include: safe lockout, fire safes, floor safes, depository safes, ATM service, wall safe, and more.

Safes – Types serviced

Safes. Gun safes, floor safes, residential safes, luxury and fire safes, cash management safes, deposit safes, smart safes, High Security safes, pharmacy safes, and commercial safes.

Safes – Options & Accessories

If you own a safe there are many options and accessories we can help with: Spy proof dial, Key lock dial, coin racks, managers lockers, interior lockers, interior drawers, adjustable shelves, Group 1 and 1R locks, electronic locks, access control systems, key-op locks, dual combination locks (some models), 144 hour time lock, 15 minute time delay lock, external day lock, anchor bolt assembly, left swing door, internal rotary hopper, internal deposit slot, internal deposit chutes, hidden compartments, modular alarm, hold up duress alarm, special sizes, custom colors, safe bolt down to floor, and custom designs.

Call our Locksmith Toronto specialists today for help with any kind of safe – we are here 24/7!

Locksmith Waterloo Steering Wheel Lock

Locksmith Waterloo Steering Wheel Lock

Locksmith Waterloo Steering Wheel Lock is a full locksmith service offered to all the vehicle owner having problems with their steering wheels. If the steering wheel gets stuck, call Locksmith Waterloo Steering Wheel Lock service. Our Locksmith Waterloo Steering Wheel Lock service will help you out 24/7.

Call us at any time!

Locksmith Waterloo Steering Wheel Lock

Locksmith Waterloo Steering Wheel Lock

We are a full-service locksmith and security company, mobile and open 24/7 including weekends and holidays. One of the most common issues we hear from customers is their steering wheel lock being locked. Rest assured in most cases this is a simple steering wheel lock and can be solved by following our simple steps.

Steering Wheel Lock Solution – Step 1

Steering wheel lock is a common problem. The first step is to determine the position of your front wheel, check to see what direction they are facing, left, right, or straight. Also, examine if the wheels are touching the curb.

Steering Wheel Lock Solution – Step 2

Make sure you are sitting in the driver’s seat. Apply turning pressure on the steering wheel in the same direction where the front wheels are pointed. For example, if front wheels are pointing to the right, apply turning pressure to the right. While holding the turning pressure on the steering wheel (do not release this pressure) turn the key in the ignition. If the key does not turn, attempt the same method to the opposite direction. Remember, you are trying to remove the steering locks pressure from your ignition lock cylinder. If turning in the opposite direction does not allow you to start your ignition, you may be facing an ignition lock cylinder problem.

Steering Wheel Lock Vehicle Makes Affected

Steering wheel lock problems are faced by all makes, however European vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz, VW, Audi, BMW, and Volvo are more prone to what we like to call ‘severe lock syndrome’. On the other hand, because American and Japanese vehicles are less likely to suffer severe lock syndrome they are more prone to ignition lock cylinder problem.

Steering Wheel Lock vs. Ignition Problem

If the above steps do not provide any relief to your steering wheel lock problem, there is a possibility that you may be facing an ignition lock cylinder problem. American and Japanese vehicles face a higher rate of ignition lock cylinder problems then their European counterparts. 

We are always here to help – call Locksmith Waterloo right now and we will be at your service in 20 minutes!


Locksmith Waterloo Master Re Key System

Locksmith Waterloo Master Re Key System

Locksmith Waterloo Master Re Key System will give you access to all the doors in your facility while restricting access to other individuals. Locksmith Waterloo Master Re Key System is available to anyone wanting an increased lock system while keeping the number of keys down to one. Call our Locksmith Waterloo Master Re Key System services for more information.

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Locksmith Waterloo Master Re Key System

Locksmith Waterloo Master Re Key System

What is a Master Re-Key System?

A master re-key system is when you have access to all the doors in your facility while restricting access to other individuals. For example, the manager of a business may have access to all the offices but restrict employees from entering the secured server room. Our team provides a complete a master key system solution for all types of applications: residential, commercial, industrial, schools, community centers, condominiums, town homes, offices, factories, apartment buildings, warehouses, biotech offices, parking garages, government buildings, and much more.

Recently, we re-keyed a large industrial facility for their Security Department. Their goal was simple – to restrict and fragment access of their employees to certain areas of the facility depending on their security clearance. Cleaning crews are limited to office suites alone while maintenance employees have access to most areas of the facility excluding security offices, server rooms, and critical infrastructure areas. On the other hand, outside third-party vendors/contractors only have limited access to the scope of their project. For example, IT technicians cannot enter office suites but have access to the server rooms. The Director of Security has a grand master key which has access to all the doors in the facility.

Master Re-Key System Installation – Tailored To Your Needs

Our team has the experience, licensing, and professionalism to help you design and create the right master re-key system for your facility and budget. Our mobile service is available 24/7 including weekends and every major holiday. Call us today, and we can schedule a Walk-Thru of your facility.

Call Locksmith Waterloo to visit today, we offer same day service. We realize that time is of essence and we strive to provide excellent service in your requested time frame. We look forward to helping you.



Locksmith Waterdown Magnetic Lock

Locksmith Waterdown Magnetic Lock 

Locksmith Waterdown Magnetic Lock Installation is available to all customers wanting an improved safety lock device at their property. Locksmith Waterdown Magnetic Lock Installation is a service offered 24/7 by our mobile team. Locksmith Waterdown Magnetic Lock Installation is providing simple yet reliable lock solutions.

Call us to find more!

Locksmith Waterdown Magnetic Lock

Locksmith Waterdown Magnetic Lock

Our team offers a vast array of access control and electronic lock solutions. One of our favourite solutions is a magnetic lock (mag-lock) because of its simplicity and reliability. Mag locks do not have any moving parts; this reduces/eliminates wear and tear on the hardware. Simply put, a mag lock is an excellent solution for a business or office space that requires securely buzzing in people throughout the day. The seamless operation of the lock significantly improves the movement of people entering and exiting your premises. Electromagnetic locks are fail-safe by design. This means if there is no power going to the device, the door unlocks which is exactly what you want in an emergency.

Magnetic Lock Solutions – How it works

An electronic magnetic lock consists of a coil assembly which becomes magnetized when an electric current is passing through it. The magnetic field secures the door by bonding to a metal plate mounted on the door. When the power goes the device the mag lock is secured. To allow egress, a switch must be turned on, using the following most common methods:

  1. Motion Sensor – Infrared beam detects approaching movement from the interior portion of the building allowing immediate egress without pressing anything.
  2. Touch Bar – A mounted bar across the door which is activated by touch the moment a person pushes the bar which instantly drops the power to the maglock which allows immediate egress.
  3. Request to Exit (REX) – A button, when pressed cuts off all power to the device in the event of any malfunction, typically this is required by fire code in many jurisdictions in the area.
  4. Swipe Card – in back-door or side-door scenarios a card is needed to exit.


Magnetic Lock Solutions – Application

  1. Glass doors that need electronic control access where there is no place to mount hardware.
  2. Emergency exit or fire doors where the exit must be controlled.
  3. Single and double-sided doors.
  4. Secured retail location, a typical example is a jewelry shop.
  5. Secured cabinets and drawers.
  6. Hospitals
  7. Gates

Magnetic Lock Solutions – Installation

Magnetic Lock Installation is limited to drilling holes in the frames which are both less intrusive and less labor-intensive. Our team is always available and on call to help you – call Locksmith Waterdown now for help!



Locksmith Guelph Panic Push Bar

Locksmith Guelph Panic Push Bar

Locksmith Guelph Panic Push Bar is actually an exit panic device that is required in commercial and institutional buildings. Locksmith Guelph Panic Push Bar services are provided by our team 24/7. Call our Locksmith Guelph Panic Push Bar service to be helped fast, reliable and affordable.

Call our team for help today!

Locksmith Guelph Panic Push Bar

Locksmith Guelph Panic Push Bar

Why Emergency Exit Device Panic Push Bar is So Important For Any Business

If you are a business owner or manager doing a renovation or moving into a new space, it is likely you will be required to install an exit panic device because of regulation. We understand the pressure and deadline of opening your business on-time and making sure that you are in compliance with the regulation. Most other security companies have long lead times for supplying and installing the hardware. Our team has relationships with major lock and security companies in the area. This ensures that we will be able to comply with your fast turnaround request so you can be in compliance and open your business in a timely manner.

Emergency Exit Device Panic Push Bar Installation

There is a distinct difference between panic hardware and fire devices. Fire hardware must be self-latching and self-closing which requires a door closure to be added. Fire code dictates that you cannot have any added security or additional lock installed on a fire door. Typically, exit devices are in place to allow immediate egress. A business owner or manager may consider providing extra security to prevent unauthorized access or users to the building. If there is a fire exit device in place, no modifications are permitted because of the fire code. If there is no exit device in place, it is highly recommended that it should installed immediately.

Types & Brands of Hardware

There is a variety of different type of emergency exit device panic push bar: Rim, Mortise, Surface Vertical Rods, Concealed Vertical Rods or Cable, and Multi-Point. We take pride with carrying high-quality locksmith and security products with name brands Mobile Commercial Locksmith & Security Service

Our team offers mobile commercial locksmith service in the area 24/7 all year around including weekends and all holidays.  Call Locksmith Guelph today to schedule a licensed locksmith professional to come to your location and do a Commercial Security Walk- Through.



Locksmith Richmond Hill Door Strike

Locksmith Richmond Hill Door Strike

Locksmith Richmond Hill  Door Strike is an electric device that replaces your fixed strike plate that is mounted on your door frame. Locksmith Richmond Hill Door Strike services can be at your door for help in less than 20 minutes from the time of your call. Call Locksmith Richmond Hill Door Strike service to speak to one of our trusted specialist and get more information.

Call us today to help!

Locksmith Richmond Hill Door Strike

Locksmith Richmond Hill Door Strike

If you are a small business, warehouse, or office that is looking for an access control device you may want to consider installing an electric door strike. There are many advantages to consider this option. We have the professional experience, inventory, and skill to help your business with such a project. We are conveniently mobile and open 7 days a week including weekends and holidays.

What Is An Electric Door Strike?

An electric door strike is a device that replaces your fixed strike plate that is mounted on your door frame. This allows you to convert any conventional door lock into an access control device. Changing your conventional strike to an electric door strike allows you to more control of the movement in and out of your premises. For example, an office door lock becomes more secure with such an installation because now you are able to control for the door to lock automatically once someone passes through.

Electric Door Strike Installation

Our team provides an electric door strike installation services for all door types: conventional wood door frame, commercial metal door frame, and store front aluminium door frame. We are also able to install electric door strike which are compatible with all types of hardware: exit device, panic bar, commercial lever lock, mortise lock, deadbolt, storefront lock, and much more. Our installation includes fresh install/cut-out, supplying the correct electric door strike that fits your needs, and wiring.

We have a large range of Electric Door Strike Brands, all manufactured by the leading brands in today’s locksmith market.

Call Locksmith Richmond Hill today for your electric door strike installation. We are at your service 24/7!


Locksmith St.Catharines Door Closure

Locksmith St.Catharines Door Closure 

Locksmith St.Catharines Door Closure  is offered to ensure that you have the best security you can possibly have in the area. Locksmith St.Catharines Door Closure Installation is available to any kind of building, be it an apartment building, a commercial, retail or industrial one. Call Locksmith St.Catharines Door Closure Installation to find out more or for help.

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Locksmith St.Catharines Door Closure

Locksmith St.Catharines Door Closure


Take for example, an apartment building lobby. A door closure will ensure that the door will properly close and prevent any unauthorized people entering the building. Another common reason is energy efficiency. For example, if a customer opens the front door of a coffee shop and it remains open, a door closure ensures the door closes after entry, saving energy and not disturbing paying customers. Accessibility is another common reason; a compliant door closure can help all types of people entering and exiting a business.

We provide a full range of door closure products from light-duty low traffic area to heavy-duty high traffic areas and everything in between. No matter the type of door, size, or weight we have the experience, professionalism, and in-stock inventory to match it to your door closure application. We supply and install all door closure brands. At first glance, a door closure appears to be a simple do-it-yourself project. However, there are many moving parts to ensuring a proper and secure installation. Step one is identifying the size, weight, and type of door. Step two is to pair the correct door closure to your door. Step three identify the type of traffic area. Once the above the three steps have been completed by our Security Expert during a Walk-Thru, we will be able to recommend options that fit your needs.

Door Closure Types & Brands

We only utilize high-quality products to ensure that our customers receive the best security services possible. Type of door closure: Surface mounted, concealed, electrified, heavy duty, light duty, commercial, hydraulic, power door operator, floor closure, gate closure, and much more. 

Same Day Door Closure Installation & Service

Our team is proud to offer same day service in the area. Our mobile service is available 24/7, including weekends and every major holiday. Call Locksmith St.Catharines today for any help!


Locksmith Whitby Lockout Service

Locksmith Whitby Lockout Service

Locksmith Whitby Lockout Service offers the best emergency lockout service in the city, in any emergency lockout situation. Locksmith Whitby Lockout Service aims to help you get into your car, home, or business as quickly as possible without damaging your locks so you can move on with your day.

Call Locksmith Whitby Lockout Service 24/7, year-round for help!

Locksmith Whitby Lockout Service

Locksmith Whitby Lockout Service

Emergency Lockout Mobile Service

We offer mobile emergency lockout service in the area. Our mobile service operates 24 hours a day,7 days a week from including weekends and holidays. Call us today and we will dispatch a professional locksmith technician to you immediately. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Car Lockout

Being locked out of your car is not a fun experience. It usually happens at the worst time. Like a Friday afternoon, when it is raining, and you have to pick up your kids from school. The stress and anxiety surrounding this type of situation is intense. offers you quick and professional emergency lockout service to get you into your car without damaging your locks so you can move on with your day. We have the experience and tools to help the cars– Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Acura, Hyundai, VW, Audi, Ford, Chrysler, Cadillac, Jeep, and most other brands on the road today.

Residential Lockout

Our team offers residential emergency lockout service across the area. We have helped thousands of customers all across our region with home lockout, apartment lockout, condominium lockout, dorm room lockout, town house lockout, bathroom lockout, closet lockout, and bedroom lockout. In the event you locked yourself out and your cell phone and wallet are inside, have no fear, we can still help. Secure your location. Borrow someone’s cell phone, call us, and make sure that you or the person who answers the phone will confirm your location because our locksmith technician will arrive in 15-20 minutes. Upon arrival, we will help you get into your home safe and sound.

Commercial Lockout

Our team offers emergency lockout service for all types of commercial entities; small business lockout, warehouse lockout, office lockout, bathroom lockout, ATM lockout, closet lockout, storage lockout, retail location lockout, restaurant lockout, kitchen lockout, freezer lockout, safe lockout, safe drilling, and much more. We are available everyday 24/7. Call Locksmith Whitby today and help will be on its way.


Locksmith Brampton Trunk Lockout Service

Locksmith Brampton Trunk Lockout Service

Locksmith Brampton Trunk Lockout Service is coming in 20 minutes or faster to help you if you are locked out of your trunk. Locksmith Brampton Trunk Lockout Service can help. Locksmith Brampton Trunk Lockout Service functions 7 days a week, all year round including weekends and holidays.

Call our help now!

Locksmith Brampton Trunk Lockout Service

Locksmith Brampton Trunk Lockout Service

We take pride in our ability to help with all makes, years, and models. A typical trunk lockout is a European car like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, VW, and Jaguar.

Trunk Lockout – Why does it happen?

Typically, when a locksmith professional opens an American or Japanese car there is a mechanical lever which allows the professional to open the trunk. However, with European cars the situation is different. There is no mechanical lever inside most European cars which means that a locksmith professional cannot mechanically open the trunk. This added security feature is beneficial if someone breaks into your car and all your valuables are in your trunk. Some argue that the European standard offers more protection and security when you store your personal belonging in your trunk. Others feel that this added feature is a nuisance if you mistakenly lock your keys in your trunk and you find yourself with a trunk lockout.

Trunk Lockout Specialty Tools

Trunk lockout service is unlike a regular car lockout. It takes significant more time, specialty tools, and a steady hand to open a trunk. Most European cars use high-security locks and keys which require specialty tools that are specific to each car manufacturer. Our team does not drill or use forced entry to open your trunk which means your lock will not be damaged after we open it and you will be able to use it before the trunk lockout.

Trunk Lockout Mobile Service

If you are unable to drive to our location because you locked your keys in your trunk, we can dispatch a licensed professional locksmith to your location within 20 minutes in the area. Call Locksmith Brampton today for your trunk lockout. Our mobile service is available at any time you need, serving you 24/7.


Locksmith Vaughan Best Security Systems

Locksmith Vaughan Best Security Systems

Locksmith Vaughan Best Security Systems are available as our team has the most comprehensive residential and commercial security systems in the area.  Locksmith Vaughan Best Security Systems services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. We invite you to call Locksmith Vaughan Best Security Systems today to schedule a security walk-through of your business or home by one of our professional licensed security experts.

Locksmith Vaughan Best Security Systems

Locksmith Vaughan Best Security Systems

Residential Security Systems

Our team offers many residential security systems that fit your needs. Security cameras can help protect your front, rear, and garage entrances. IP cameras give you the ability to view your home from anywhere in the world right from your cell phone. You will always feel secured and safe when you take the time to invest in the right security system for your home. There is no one size fits all security system. Each system must be carefully designed to fit your home and budget.

Commercial Security Systems

Our team understands the importance of keeping your business safe. We can install commercial key card access, CCTV, security camera, buzzers, buzz in systems, magnetic locks, panic bars, exit devices, alarm locks, crowd control, scheduling software, easy adding and removal of employees, intercom systems, and many more commercial security systems. Schedule a commercial walk-through with us today, we can come out and take a look, 7 days a week.

Security Systems – Mobile Service

Our team is proud to offer mobile service for all your security systems needs 7 days a week nonstop. In the unfortunate scenario of a burglary or security breach, we are here 24/7 to help at your convenience. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. Our professional security experts can fit you with the right security system based on your budget and the specific needs of your business or home.

Our team of expert locksmith technicians are available for any of your home, commercial or car lock and key needs. Our mobile vans are fully equipped with tools and supplies needed in any kind of lockout or emergency.

Call Locksmith Vaughan today for help!


Locksmith Kitchener Key Duplication Service

Locksmith Kitchener Key Duplication Service

Locksmith Kitchener Key Duplication Service offers the best key duplication service in the city and we are open 7 days a week including weekends and holidays. Locksmith Kitchener Key Duplication Service offers emergency, residential, commercial, and automotive key duplication service. Call our Locksmith Kitchener Key Duplication Service 24/7 – we are always coming to your help!

Locksmith Kitchener Key Duplication Service

Locksmith Kitchener Key Duplication Service

Each of our locksmith technicians have the training and experience to properly duplicate a key. We also only use the best quality keys on the market. Most importantly, we have invested in the best hardware and equipment in the market.

Most hardware stores use automated key cutting machines which are operated by their employees who do not always have the expertise and ability to operate the machine. This leads to miss cut keys which damage your locks.

Commercial Key Duplication

We can duplicate the majority of the keys you need to run your business. We offer the following key duplication services for your business: file cabinet key, mailbox key, padlocks, and all for all commercial lock brands. In the event we do not have the key you need in stock, we can special order most keys on the market and have it ready for you in a few days.

Residential Key Duplication

Every home, apartment, condo, town home needs key duplication service. We offer the following services: front door key, garage door key, mailbox key, kitchen door key, side door key, shed door key, and much more.

Automotive Key Duplication

We offer the most expansive list of automotive key duplication in the area. Our state of the art key duplication machine is one of a kind and has the ability to generate a brand-new key based on your VIN. Call us today with the make, year, and model for a free quote over the phone. We can generate a key based on your VIN for the following makes: BMW, VW, Audi, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Ford, Lexus, Hyundai, Subaru, Nissan, and much more.

Call Locksmith Kitchener today for more information, to set up an appointment or to have us come to your help!


Locksmith Kitchener Home Locks

Locksmith Kitchener Home Locks

Locksmith Kitchener Home Locks offers the best and most exclusive residential locksmith service in the area. Locksmith Kitchener Home Locks services are available 7 days a week, around the clock. Locksmith Kitchener Home Locks offer many residential locksmith services: home lockout, home re-key, residential lockout, residential re-key, garage door lockout, garage door re-key, electronic keypad installation, electronic keypad reprogramming, bathroom door lockout, key stuck in front door, mailbox re-key, mailbox lock installation, key stuck in back door, and many other residential locksmith services.

Call Locksmith Kitchener right now for help!

Locksmith Kitchener Home Locks

Locksmith Kitchener Home Locks


Residential Mobile Locksmith Service

Our company offers residential mobile locksmith service 24 hours a day,7 days a week. Our mobile locksmith service vans are equipped with the latest and most advanced locksmith technology. Call us today for any kind of locksmith problems you have at home. Our dispatch will send you a professional residential locksmith technician to your location within 20 minutes. Each of our residential locksmith technicians have the experience, tools, hardware, and equipment to solve your issue on-site.  We have seen it all. Our job is to help you, plain and simple. Rest assured we are here for you. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. All of our hardware installations are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We will help you at any time to duplicate keys, re-key locks, replace mailbox locks, fix locks, and anything you need help with. Our friendly residential locksmith technicians are always available to answer your questions and help you with all your residential locksmith needs. For a nominal fee, we can also schedule a residential locksmith walk through your property to advise you on what you need to secure your home. Everything from door jambs to electronic key pad installations, garage doors, patio doors and more – we will customize to your needs.

 We are only a phone call away from helping you. Remember – we are always on call, and ready to come to you to help in any locksmith situation. No matter when you call, you will always talk to a live agent – never to an automatic message machine.

Call Locksmith Kitchener to help you in any lock problem!


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