Locksmith Waterdown Magnetic Lock 

Locksmith Waterdown Magnetic Lock Installation is available to all customers wanting an improved safety lock device at their property. Locksmith Waterdown Magnetic Lock Installation is a service offered 24/7 by our mobile team. Locksmith Waterdown Magnetic Lock Installation is providing simple yet reliable lock solutions.

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Locksmith Waterdown Magnetic Lock

Locksmith Waterdown Magnetic Lock

Our team offers a vast array of access control and electronic lock solutions. One of our favourite solutions is a magnetic lock (mag-lock) because of its simplicity and reliability. Mag locks do not have any moving parts; this reduces/eliminates wear and tear on the hardware. Simply put, a mag lock is an excellent solution for a business or office space that requires securely buzzing in people throughout the day. The seamless operation of the lock significantly improves the movement of people entering and exiting your premises. Electromagnetic locks are fail-safe by design. This means if there is no power going to the device, the door unlocks which is exactly what you want in an emergency.

Magnetic Lock Solutions – How it works

An electronic magnetic lock consists of a coil assembly which becomes magnetized when an electric current is passing through it. The magnetic field secures the door by bonding to a metal plate mounted on the door. When the power goes the device the mag lock is secured. To allow egress, a switch must be turned on, using the following most common methods:

  1. Motion Sensor – Infrared beam detects approaching movement from the interior portion of the building allowing immediate egress without pressing anything.
  2. Touch Bar – A mounted bar across the door which is activated by touch the moment a person pushes the bar which instantly drops the power to the maglock which allows immediate egress.
  3. Request to Exit (REX) – A button, when pressed cuts off all power to the device in the event of any malfunction, typically this is required by fire code in many jurisdictions in the area.
  4. Swipe Card – in back-door or side-door scenarios a card is needed to exit.


Magnetic Lock Solutions – Application

  1. Glass doors that need electronic control access where there is no place to mount hardware.
  2. Emergency exit or fire doors where the exit must be controlled.
  3. Single and double-sided doors.
  4. Secured retail location, a typical example is a jewelry shop.
  5. Secured cabinets and drawers.
  6. Hospitals
  7. Gates

Magnetic Lock Solutions – Installation

Magnetic Lock Installation is limited to drilling holes in the frames which are both less intrusive and less labor-intensive. Our team is always available and on call to help you – call Locksmith Waterdown now for help!